A request for a field to save our worlds

This is an appeal to the highers ups, the creators on this forum…

I am from the UK… we are now struggling to get hold of vegetables… yes… vegetables. A staple in anyones diet.

The WEF world economic forum have stated our homes will be made redundant unless they meet their so called compassionate standards for saving the planet (theyre that compassionate they dont pay their taxes…hmmm)…

The metaverse is the devil incarnate, its quite simple… wanting people to live in a world where this fake reality is seen as a saviour for the real world is beyond dark…

The amount of paedophilia going on suggests within a relatively short time this will be the new norm… over 500,000 british men (thats around 1%) have viewed child porn… never mind those who havent but want to… those who spend their days on adult porn sites on the verge of being tipped over the edge in this direction

I believe we have the power to avoid this darkness, their plan… i also believe its a 2 way street, its not just the elite, people, average people are a big part of this direction…

Can i ask the creators of NFTs, Captain, Sammy G etc (sorry im a newbie who doesnt know the other creators) to make an NFT or an audio, or a bumper strength combination stack (NFTs and audio) that will help us as individuals, our loved ones, this whole community avoid this turbulence?

For me there is nothing more important on a worldly level now. …

To avoid their plans, to avoid the mass hysteria, to avoid the turbulence… to meet the wholesome, to meet the good, the blessed, the loved, the peace, the harmony, the sweetest of human nature…

There is a shift going on, ive felt it… im blessed with manifesting skills, but i would love some extra help with this… i would love to be able to save those i love with this…

I will meet you halfway, ill name it for free haha

The Utopian Future

With a smile



Mass Meditation For A Better World 2.0 from Patreon can do wonders the more of us that use it.

Couldn’t agree more btw about everything you said. These people are sick and truly doing the work of the devil.


Curse removal

Energy blockage removal

Smart cord cutters

Subconscious clutter removal



Im talking the stack to end all stacks… in what is the end days, lets make them a blessing!


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I forgot to mention subconscious limit remover, you can spam these including the one I mentioned above.


Dear friend, I think The Blessed Path - NFT should help you! Give it a try!


We do meditations almost on a daily basis in a flexible manner, plus one on Saturday & Sunday at 4PM UTC (same as UK time).

Feel free to join the Discord as well :slight_smile:


Which one will you feed? Pick the timeline you want to succeed and that’s all you need.



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The closest thing I can think off is love gravitational wave

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Thankyou for these thoughtful replies.

I will check them all out as it appears there are some amazing things already in place!

With love



I love this request. If such a field was possible I would love for it to be contaigeus, not in a forced way of course. Infecting people with hope, integrity and compassion if their subconscious would allow it, would not be so bad? Also to be suspicious of the media, government, economy, energycrisis and the need for war would be nice. MEF has a field called the Golden ripple effect, making every good deed and positive interaction selfspreading. The ones influencing our collective consciousness, especially through media is doing a lot of fear- programming. Even the alternative media is keeping you down by painting the world an even darker place *although it is, it’s not good to focus on this reality all the time. I wish every TV and smartphone would malfunction.

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