Alchemical Garnet

Depends of what you call in depth haha let me give you my 2 cents .
I listen to it everyday and there’s certainly a beautifying effect similar to what @Atreides mentioned. It’s not super strong or long lasting but I notice my skin and hair looks a little more youthful.
I also feel like it does something to my heart chakra ,like clear the energy there. I noticed I crave it when I have an issue there.
Interestingly the music used to annoy my at the beginning, I felt it was too much in some sense ,now it has grown on me and the music and/or the field gives me a good mood.


How many times do you play it in a row ?

I usually listen 1-2 times in the morning as one of the first audios . And an additional time if I feel like it later in the day .


So this field is incredible and has worked so harmoniously with me to bring about insanely deep healing/ perspective shifts I didn’t even know I needed. Won’t do a detailed review but I’ll leave this because it’s very accurate for my experience…


Sure the effects are visible on clearing the sacral chakra and energising there, now quite obvious with ur review.


Been playing this for a week or more, and looks like it made me realize that I am already wearing an amazing Garnet for a very long time :crazy_face: in my Essence of Beauty pedant…lol…it never stricken though till now even though using it for the last 2 years or so. Thanks to the Alchemical Garnet!
This is one of the very first advanced pendants bought on the ES website :star_struck:


I have a red garnet pendant, if i use this will it charge it?

I’ll let someone else (who knows better than me) answer your question about this field, but if their answer is “no,” Crystal/Gemstone Charger and Restorer will charge your pendant (as well as your other crystals and gemstones).

I’m saving up for that one but thanks I’ll see whoever answerss

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tbh i dont think so, because this audio’s effects feels more on the inside then like radiating outward yes but more on the inside

but who knows only way to find out its by trying

if you wanna buy it do it because youve noticed effects from the pendant so you more or less know how the field would feel running inside carrying the benefits on the stone, it really feels good.

but only because of that and then if it charges your pendant well great but dont buy it if only charging your stone is what you want


Thank you for your reply, insightful to read as always <3

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It’s always a pleasure listening to this one, makes me feel good and happy! :)

And ohh the music! It’s amazing man


Cheers for the bump bro :+1:

I was starting a task I was very lazy to: Unstoppable Willpower + this one put me right in the flow.

No time wasted starting it.
No time wasted spending forever on it.
Nice booster from the creative aspect of Alchemical Garnet :100:

And now giving a quick review, until I jump to the next task :grin:


Been listening to this for a little while-

This is a very happy track.

This inspires me to be more social. I feel it delivers energy to the heart chakra.

I think a great stack with this would be:

Journey of the chosen one
Copper oil of Venus


Here is a more updated link


Spotlight on this beloved one!
The upbeat audio makes one come back to their usual ebullient self.

In my months of playing this (Since Nov 2022)
❀Skin looks radiant
❀Feeling more magnetic, sociable
❀Instant re-energising effect like coffee
❀As a stone associated with blood, improves circulation for menstrual cycle

Plus the M-state gold? Mmmm. :heart_eyes:

May every good thing make its way to you through this gem :gem:


Yes i love this one too.

Very hidden gem for such price its a gift.

Every time i play it my blood vibrates and fills with radiance, love, courage, i dont know why it always reminds me an old movie i saw long time ago with a powerful Dragon that everybody loved even tho it was powerful if had the most beautiful heart radiating beauty and love and the Master always said it was his blood that made him different and one time he was wounded so they could see his blood and his heart pumping out that blood and it would look just like the art of this audio.

So when i play it i feel like im raising up filling my blood with the same.

It could simply be in every stack, its like an organic internal physical boost to open up to receive other energies to then carry them all throughout using the blood


Beautiful sharing Luna!

Out of all hundreds of crystals I have, this one has been elusive.
Lost two precious garnets (bracelet and ring), thought oh maybe it’s not for me.
Lo and behold found it in a form of a field, see if I’ll still lose it lol

Spot on. I’ve moved it to every stack one could think of health, beauty, chakra, abundance, etc.
Or stand alone, great on its own. :blush:


I had a few sitting around not knowing what they were :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even after having this audio.

Until one day i was choosing a stone to create something and saw them and i was like wait… i had the names somewhere in spanish and when i translated it was this :laughing: mine are a little darker, i created a Dragon and a fae with 2


Wat a shaky-la la creation! Love my Garnet, gets me that special attention and strong attraction from crowd. This gives T0N,s of benefits for the energy body.
Create the Intention, Feel the energy, Imbue it, Become ONE with it!

My mini stack

  • Aura and Energy Repair
  • Alchemical Garnet
  • Magnetic Male nft
  • Plamafied Chakras

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