Alchemy Of Attraction

Note: Not a tool to attract anyone specific.

A tracked based on the energy signeture of Charisma, Unconditional Love, Confidence, Charm and charisma .It affected your aura with these energies so that you can feel these qualities within yourself and can be perceived by others in such manner. It makes you attractive towards other in general and also creates belifes in your subconscious mind so that these qualities can become normal aspect of your being overtime. May help to deal with insecurities or lack of confidence in general. You can try using it on a daily basis to go out and interact with people or whenever you wish. Daily use is recommended for permanent change so at some point you won’t need the audio anymore as it becomes a baggage or burden to use a single audio on daily basis unless it’s something that requires active work all the time. Use it until you feel like you don’t need it anymore and come back later if required. Also this is not specifically made for attraction men/women or doesn’t have any kind of manipulation involved but just to make you become attractive by infusion of these energies into your aura. Also this does not work for making any physical changes and does only what’s said in description.

Audio with usual music track.


Using 3-4 times a day is enough