Altering Planetary Placements (and other things) through Intention Repeater

Altering Planetary Placements through Intention Repeater.
Has anyone tried out this yet?
Like for example:-I set my intention as
“Unafflicted Venus is in the sign of libra in 1st house of my natal chart”,
How long do you think ,would it take to show up its effects?
Since the intention repeater directly affects the quantum field and hence affecting the reality,it is like straight up changing your destiny.

We might also use the intention repeater for boosting purposes as
“My results from the audio I listen increase exponentially every fermiseconds(10^-15 seconds)”

Has anyone used it for becoming energy sensitive or for psychological changes such as increasing IQ upto 180 or 170 or 190(realistically)?

If this all is possible , the only limit will be one’s imagination and creativity.
Kindly share your experiences here.

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