Angelic vibration 2.0

Angelic Vibrations (ver 2.0)

This vibrates your entire body and being and entire energy system with the base vibration of an Angelic being (the same type as in the angelic intercession). What this does is basically cause you in a sense to give off the energy of an ‘angel’. This energy can burn up negativity and may be strong for some. This can become more permanent over time.

Does this audio also help with communication with angels in addition to raising our vibration?


it can also help you assimilate fields and if you lay your tag on the speaker and put a cotton tshirt in between the effects of the tag become more angelic and pure but it wears off after some time.

the dog tags basically absorb energy around them. If you have a bossted field of the same type (ie two matchmakers) and you lay it near a non boosted matchmaker the non boosted tag becomes stronger but it wears off after some time of being away.

it can absorb many morphic fields not just the angelic intercessions / vibrations.

@shawn492 knows more about this


I’d like to add to your questions regarding this field, is it possible that this field will make me religious?

Can it affect my personality in the long run?

Also, with angelic intercessions, would the angels care if you believe in the existence of yeshua and his father but have consciously chosen not to follow in his footsteps? Would the effects be better if you did? Is it possible for them to like one listener in particular more than the other? Or is every one loved equal?

Like ego dissolution or epsilon? I don’t understand how lol @shawn492 can you please explain lol

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that i know from dreamweaver he sent me an email saying that the angelic/vibrations can help my aura assimilate (like energy expansion) by raising my vibration.

i also felt the effects became more angelic like it became pure and women reacted differently like they were admiring me.


Awesome I didn’t know that! Going to be listening to this field wayyyyy more often now lol


The energetic interactions/your energy body and what energy you send at them with angels would have the strongest influence of what they think of you i believe. It matters most what is in your heart and how you feel for others and the world around you and also the state of your ego rather than your belief systems/thought patterns. the morphic field dog tags absorb many different energies/ adapt to the world around them but i recommend you use a dog tag that you dont care about as much if you want to experiment with all different types of energies to put into the tag.vibrating your entire being with the base vibration of an angelic being would help all of your thought patterns be more angelic based so angels would more easily understand what it is your trying to communicate i believe. I have seen an angel before and they angel was being very friendly to me loving nurturing peaceful and caring and at that time a long time ago i wasnt very energetically in balance or had that much in common with the angel. i used angelic intercession by dream seeds and i saw the angelic being. it was a beautiful sight. lots of visible white light in the shape of a human in front of me. no wings, just legs and arms i think i saw, and a head, and very kind and loving. i did not see any body features, in fact everything was covered by white light it is like looking at a cloud in the sky, except brighter and whiter and glowing.


Whaaat, Man I got my ipf tag on 24/7 I listen to a multitude of different fields, (40 different fields just on my sleep playlist to give you an example) how can this affect it?

Thanks for clearing that up brotha! :+1: that’s good news lol

Have you only met that one angel? What did the communication look like?

it works more if you have the morphic fields playing with the dog tag directly ontop of the speaker so the morphic energies going out of the speaker have to pass through the dog tag. if you just have a dog tag nearby the speaker but not directly on it, it wont be affected much, thats coming from my experience of manipulating boosted dog tags in an effort to make it that it only overhelms me but doesnt damage me. also i recommend you do not boost your dog tags at all. energizing the pendant with a bifilar coil or a chakra stone from are much better than placing power energy from field booster into a dog tag which will be permanent and harder to balance the energies all the time. I have only met one angel. nowdays i seem to be blocking direct contact with angels but i can still sense if they are in the room with me or if they are giving me support or communication. When i was with the angel i felt safe, secure, and the angel was giving me love and peace

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Oh okay, I’ve been thinking about buying coils since I’ve heard you mention them when I first got on the coils, but as of now it’s just another item on my forever expanding shopping list that never seems to make any progress lol

So let’s say I play the 3rd eye and crown field for my IPF tag, will the energy dissipate over time or will it forever be engraved into the tag?

Can I over do it? Like what if I play that field for over an hour on the tag, would that matter?

i do not recommend you play those audios on the tag, it would be better if you play the chakra audio series on the chakra tag as the risk of messing with the energetics too much would not be as bad. if you want to play an audio on the IPF tag maybe animal telepathy by dream seeds would be interesting. No the energy is not permanent. i have played many audios and put many energy tools on my the-socializer+positive mood enhancement in hopes i can get it to work better, because i boosted it too many times a long time ago. The energy from audios and energy tools fades. even my weight loss pendant gives off damaging energy sometimes and i only boosted it one time. which is why i recommend you NEVER boost your items. i would recommend most over anything else that you get some quality speakers and play the energy audios that are meant to energize your environment so there will be more energy in your living area where the dog tags can draw from more. on windy days when the wind goes against my dog tag it gives off a higher energy output, this is because the energies hitting the dog tag from it. And develop a stronger heart center and energy sensitivity. you can place bifilar coils on your chakras and place the chakra stone on your heart center to develop more receptivity to the dog tags. if you want to stimulate boosted items with bifilar coils and chakra stones there will be the lowest risk if you do not place them directly ontop of eachother. best to place the dog tag a few inches away rather than ontop of those items. even then usually from my experience its very risky with boosted items and they can strain your soul and spirit if handled incorrectly so you should always be careful with them


Okay guys im going to let you in on a treasure of information i discovered. I found out how to balance the energies on my boosted dog tags. This is the best way so far ive been doing. I have boosted water charger+power booster mugs. And 3 chakra stones. I set 1 chakra stone beside the mugs. And 2 chakra stones beside the dog tags. I do not place them in direct contact cause the damaging energy from boosted items can mess with the energy of chakra stone. What I do is I fill my mug up with water, and taste test the energy. Make sure it is not overloaded with power energy. In time the power energy will convert to the water charger and power booster mug fields expansion so the power will reduce and effectiveness will increase in time i believe. I feel the energy and make sure it is the kind of energy i would want to swallow/drink. then i soak my dog tags in unconditional love/positive energy charged water from the mugs. my mugs are so powerful they charge the water in a few seconds completely and it seems like they never run out of energy so i can soak my dog tags as many times as i want in a certain timeframe. so i soak them in the pure energies so the dog tags absorb the energy and the steel energy reduces and the field energy increases as a result. then i place them next to the chakra stone to create a “glowing with peace” effect. this works very well. i also have a friend who clears fields with heart based energy i am having him clear my mugs and dog tags tonight i will let you all know the results. he says he can also do the heart energy clearing for your fields if they give off damaging energy as well


My God, I just received my angelic pendant about 4 mins ago and I feel a nice warm feeling around my heart, currently paired it with the audio and this is NICE. imagine using any of the vibration series audio with the pendant :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5:


@Zen is the Intercession 2.0 pendant the one you’re referring to?

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Yes (fillers words…)


Nice! I’m excited to use that one. Should be arriving Monday with the new Lion tag :slight_smile:


This field seems to be a long forgotten gem. Let’s dig it out again!

In the description it says:

“What this does is basically cause you in a sense to give off the energy of an ‘angel’ this energy can burn up negativity and may be strong for some. This can become more permanent over time.”

As far as I understand this means once I have a permanently more angelic aura, I will automatically repel negative people and if they decide to stay in my presenece the angelic aura will resolve some of their negativity and by this lift them up. This is totally amazing!

I am gonna test this since this field seems to be gotten lost in time and there way too few testimonials on this.


That sounds nice. Imagine pairing this with charisma and glamour audio


Also here the link to the actual audio, since no one has linked it yet:

“This vibrates your entire body and being and entire energy system with the base vibration of an Angelic being (the same type as in the angelic intercession). What this does is basically cause you in a sense to give off the energy of an ‘angel’ this energy can burn up negativity and may be strong for some. This can become more permanent over time.”