Announcement - The Eternal Being NFT (Public NFT)

Introduction & Philosophy:

The Eternal beingness is a ramification of three essential aspects; the will, the affection, and his
intelligence; changes to any of these will ensure a change of attitude, personality and cosmic actions.
These are the three spiritual faculties of a man. For if a man is wise, he will understand the world. If a
man is loving, he will spread his love onto the world, and if he has a strong will, he will better the
world. ~~the ethics of an eternal being
Increasing the moral worth of an individual begins with these spiritual faculties; bringing these three
into an amassed state; a wealth of moral worth is established. Man gains the cosmic wisdom and
intelligence, and becomes the cosmic eyes of the universe in its transcendental love. [specific]
The mental view is observed from the tri fold aspect of existence; the new mental observances accord
themselves to the trifacta of the spiritual faculties; and the concepts within the Eternal Being entrust
the assuredness of an affirmative state; as the answer to the nobility itself: ” Am I what I ought to be in
knowledge, affection, and will…?”

Such understanding unlocks hidden motives for action; a collection of motives that determine the rise
or the fall of the eternal being; if, by virtue of their plentitude of being, they fail to recognize these
motives; immorality arises and faulty action culminates a worthy judgement. If, by virtue of their
beingness, the actions are of affection, will, and intelligence; then the pillars of misjudgment and false
estimates have been avoided; and instead, the plentitude of being culminates under one structured

This framework is not of moral values; but instead, it shapes the vessels upon which morals are
established; it reinforces the distribution of the spiritual plentitude into the judgement of an action. A
man of pleasure can be regarded, in his enforcement of will and affection, of morale- more than a man
who confines the world to his own Utopia of change.
The will rouses the affections to distribute themselves in proportion to the different grades of the scale of worth thus discriminated; it is the weapon to the unwise and the gate to the wise; for when
judgements are truly made and remained correct; the will can exhibit wondrous forces of affection and
knowledge. It is said that Man can contain the virtues of affection through meditation and attention;
and can radically alter his affectional nature by the direction of serious attention. And the mind will
gradually evolve love by acting in accordance with intelligence; the case with affected judgement is the
reversal; the means of which require 2 actions; meditation and right action; which is laborious and
painful only because it runs counter to the disordered affection. It is therefore the role of the Will to
contain the judicious affection and its distribution based on Man’s intelligence.

A noble man is only identified by what he is; not what he does.

Let’s talk about the Vessel of this being… Who is this Eternal Being?

Yourself of course when you obtain this NFT ;)

Main Concept #1: Structure of the Eternal Being; the Soul, the Astral, and the Physical

  1. The Energetic Structure of the Eternal Being:

Beginning by the vessel itself; it is a Vessel of eternal beingness, Shaped and Structured in the Void of
the Universe; the eternal beingness itself is pristine; the space wherein lies the void itself; the darkness
of the universe; its light; and its cosmic radiance are all compressed within; this being’s structure isn’t
an ordinary compression; instead; it is a defined structure that is outlined by the cosmic forces; the
outline of the vessel is imprentable, unshakeable, and steady enough to hold the universe itself within.
The structure of this being emanates to the inside the void itself; the space that the eternal being takes
is of the voidial existence; the space itself; at its core, is connected to cosmic channels of energies, it is
where the very Infinite resides; the layers of this being extend forward as they come made of Cosmic
Wisdom - Aliveness invigorates the very layering space of this being; Youthfulness is compressed
within the space of its being; and beneath the three layers is an Elixir of the cosmic universe; bridging
the three forces within into an enhanced existence; filling in the spots with all the channeled energies;
this elixir is made out of the dark light of the universe; a light that heals all what it goes through, fills
in the spaces, and fills in the gaps; rearranges the eternal beingness and its elements into whole
existence, with the dark light of the universe. The Cosmic Eternity is channeled within and into the

The cosmic intelligence drives the spirit forth into a new existence. It brings the channels of the
universe into the spirit itself. The Cosmic Infinite commences a whole soul restoration upon the
eternal beingess; for the eternal, to its droplets, is The eternal beingness is a vessel; complete in its
shape; structured and unique; vigilant, and brought in fortitude. The Mind of the eternal beingness is
connected to the cosmic channels of the universe; Cosmic intelligence; Cosmic wisdom, and Cosmic
Eternity are channeled into the Mind and its structured realms.

  1. Organ Structure of the Eternal Being:

The feet of this person emanates the cosmic light, both in its dark and light energies into connection to
its current space, be it on the astral or on the physical world. The hips of the being sharpen his outline
of cosmic beingness; the shoulder blades structure the beingness into a moulded impenetrable form;
and the headspace is surrounded by a celestial force of existence that cuts through time and space
itself; asserting the presence of the eternal being. The Energy expenditure of the eternal being is not
like any other; the energies itself that emanate of this being is invigorate with cosmic energies and
solidified; each action, each energetic expenditure of movement, glancing, speaking, or the subtle art
of observing; its expenditure is of solidified energy; condensed to meet the physical reality and its
density; capable of making changes upon one single glance. the voice acquits an attribute of force, and sheer will combined together to produce an immediate ripple through time and space that institutes
the Will as the residing and ruling presence. Mental frameworks are reframed to be that of
instantaneous pace and agility; the perception of a framework or another [perspective] can be changed
in less than a moment of time and space, and space/time. The Will of the eternal being is not that of
any being; The Will is imperishable, inexhaustible, unprecedented before and unshakable to the forces
of the universe. This is not a divine will, but rather, a Cosmic Will. Forces of the Universe itself
become in complete alignment with the eternal being; the channels of the Cosmic Will become one
with the eternal being; and the Forces in charge of the Universe consistently align the eternal being
with their highest reality at all times.

  1. Alchemy of the Atoms: A novel introspection of Alchemy:

If we observe reality itself as malleable, then the atomic composition of the individual is also as
malleable, despite existing in a condensed 3D reality, the atoms reside in states that shape the
finalization of this matter; it is then stated that the atoms endure an alchemy of its own distinction; an
alchemy of the atomic composition of the human being. The atoms are transformed into their most
“Gold” existence; charged within this cosmic energies ; each atom is considered an eternal vessel of its
own kind.

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I’ve been incredibly excited about this particular NFT ever since its inception!

And, while I was adding the NFT details from the PDF document to the thread on here, it came to my attention that I have just read something this morning that uses the exact concepts mentioned here.

Earlier this morning, I was reading up on researches linked to another new NFT - the Positive Mind NFT

the research speaks of the electromagnetic waves and their turn in shaping the human interactions of experience into the world;

the research exactly speaks of atoms as the representatives of what this consciousness of the human is; the current state at any given moment is in fact represented by the atoms; which means there is a level of malleability to their existence that reflects the improvement (or not) of our own internal structure

very interesting research

I shall post the links to these when I announce the positive mind NFT - consciousness reinvented

for now,

there is so much more to this NFT - I have included a full structure of alchemical balance that is based off Taoist principles

I think it would very exciting to design!!

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Hi Desiree, looks like a wonderful project in the making. I am interested as well :)


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Yess this is indeed a public project!

Why indeed…? It makes for an awesome private project … yes, that is the point.

I think - utilizing the right for creation to let a premium portion of humanity experience the eternal representation of its energetic vessel is … necessary.

the contribution itself levels up the vessel of the human experiencing it.

it is priceless.

therefore, it must be enjoyed but larger portion than… 10 or 20 people.

there is a difference between something that elevates the person; sure, these can be private. But then … There is something that pushes the human to the “other side”

these are utilized the right for to become for everyone.

I hope the message and the intention is clear to all :)


Looks great Desiree, thank you for the idea


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With the pace NFTs have been rolling at we hope some momentum catches up to this one! When the time comes for this one I’m gonna be ecstatic :))) Looking forward to this one myself, greatly.