Any fields for paranoia?

I usually don’t normally ask for advice or make general threads but I’m going to start occasionally doing so, if there’s no thread on it. I would appreciate the help from everyone on the forum.

I’m not talking about anxiety or fear because they’re a bit different, so please don’t reference any fields such as PTSD Help or All Purpose Anxiety Removal etc. Anyways, what could you recommend?


This is kind of a tough one, because it depends on the root cause. Generally, I would try “blessing for home and hearth” and “comfort and security.” If you’re safe in your dwelling, you’ll have time and space to relax and deal with mental stressors.


I’d start with basics and then work my way out. First go with the nutrition and water charger fields. You need good food and water in any case. Then I would go through the virus, bacteria, and fungus fields, as any one of these can result in thought issues. I’d follow with the revision fields (we’re trying to locate the source(s). Someone else can talk about shen, chi, mama, Tejas and all that. I’m sure it’s very important, but I just don’t have clue. Then I’d go spiritual. I like Vaikuntha Loka, but again others will know better. Notwithstanding that, I would definitely go through the entity and exorcism type fields. I’m always amazed at their effect on me. I would top things off with some intercession fields. I might even—actually, as I think right now, I would—reverse the order. I’d start spiritual.


Hi @The_Indigo_Man
Can you be more specific? Does it involve people, places, not feeling safe enough to leave home, thinking people are talking about you or plotting against you? It’s hard to give a recommendation (as @Replay said) when we don’t know where to start. Apologies if I’m on the wrong track, but I had to suggest the type of info that might help us target.


Try amygdala.

Most of neurotic and paychotic symptoms are triggered by fear.

It is fear in multiple forms.


@Niezdeyhyuke I really like your comment… I wish there was also a ‘super like’ button lol

Blessing for Home and Hearth I think is a luck environmental field but I will definitely play out Comfort and Security. I’ll let you know about the results when I can. Thanks for that advice!

I don’t really have a problem with any of these and I use the ‘Plasma Light’ drink charger daily anyways. I wouldn’t say much of these are applicable, unless in severe cases maybe.

I’ll give this one a go I suppose but not sure if this will do much.

Devic Intercession helps a lot whenever I’m in times of mental distress. I don’t really use Angelic Intercession or other similar fields that much because I’m not really a fan of angels to be honest. I might try the dragon one out, although I doubt the Alien Intercession will help much.

I prefer Devas, nature spirits and other non-angelic deities. I vibe and have a connection with them.

Not the environment/place per say, but the inhabitants of it, so yeah… people.

Not to worry, you’re all been a big help to me. Thank you!

PTSD Help field has it in. I just listen to this version because of all the other benefits it provides. It helps with the symptoms of my paranoia.

Thanks anyway though still…


PU has Intrusive Thoughts Dissolver on Patreon, maybe it can be of help?



I was looking through threads thinking about this and the question came to me: what has changed? Is this a long-standing issue or did it show up as the apparent or not-so-apparent manifestation of something else - like an illness, negative interactions with people, places or things, change in diet or habits?


Maybe The Silent Mind?

Or this one from DrVirtual7?


A couple more. I like Brain Regeneration for almost anything that could be tagged as a mental/thought issue; the Brain Guild folks might have more specific ideas.

Also, I would explore the writings and interviews of Dr. Chris Palmer. He’s a professor at Harvard Medical School who contends that almost all psychiatric disorders are metabolic disorders and that the keto diet can reduce and possibly eliminate most mental health problems. (Please reader don’t take that as suggesting that you should stop your meds and start a keto diet. Talk to your doctor) If he’s right (and some patients with serious disorders, including schizophrenia in complete remission is certainly an indication that he might be), then it might be the most significant breakthrough ever in psychiatry. It’s very similar to the decades of dogma re: ulcers treated (almost uselessly by stress reduction and antacids) that was finally put aside out and replaced by a simple and effective antibiotics regime. In any case, he’s worth your time.


Didn’t know that, but that makes sense…and, you’re welcome.


What’s PU again?

In the past, I struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety but I’ve managed it quite well through the use binaural beats and morphic fields. I’ve even experienced the worst kind of depression at some point in my life. Although all these issues was caused by external factors (studies, work, family and finances). I don’t think those are relevant right now.

I’m not too sure what caused it, but the paranoia began to come around when Covid kicked off a year after and it gradually got worse slowly, until now. A lot of my thinking patterns are based around overthinking presumptions, until enough evidence is gathered to assure me.

Nothing has changed and I’m in good physical health in general (except for my hand eczema) but my overall mental health is poor. Although luckily, the fields help tremendously in managing my overall mental health and general well-being. In other words, without it, I’d be “up shit creek without a paddle”.

Thanks Rose!.. for been considerate :slightly_smiling_face:

Where’s that field?.. Never heard of it.

I don’t think I have this condition. I’m not having delusions or any hallucinations.

Is this content creator trustworthy?

@Replay … I honestly don’t think I have schizophrenia or even psychosis either, but I will have a read up on his (Chris Palmer) work because it does sound interesting.

He is a forum member, Psychic University. He has fields advertised under the Classifieds category.

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Not saying that you have paranoia or schizophrenia. I’m just impressed that he was getting results for those people with diets.


@Replay Sorry about that, I thought you was inferring about something like the other user was.

@igem Thanks for the tip… I’ll sign up to him and check his field out (Intrusive Thoughts Dissolver).


All descriptions of PU fields are here on forum, for example the one I mentioned Psychic University Patreon - #4 by Mucc, I think he is the most respected third-party vendor.


Any field which would make you feel secure and which would help with mental distress (you mentioned Devic Intercession), also add self love fields and brain regeneration and amygdala field.
There is also a field…

I’ll link it immediately.

Paranoia might come from a lack of trust, especially in others; however, we are all connected, and if there is Goodness Within (You/Yourself), then It Is Present Within Others too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, maybe it’s due to trauma or other causes.

If other fields come to my mind, I’ll link them or mention them.

All The Best, My Friend. :pray:

Also, as @Rosechalice said, you have to identify the cause, first of all.

Edit: also, watch out for anything (microorganisms, infections, etc.) which has the potential to affect the brain/mind (directly or indirectly, for example by altering the mood, to give an example), like viruses, Parasites, Fungus, etc.

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