Astral Glasses - A Touch of the Gods

Disclaimer - This is created by a third-party vendor and not by Sapien Medicine. Third-party products are not vetted directly by Captain.

Glasses to see more than you think. Astral vision and to see the reality of the matrix. Inspired by the movie “They live”


Can we get a slightly more in depth description? Since its also pricey

So this is basically clairvoyance, being able to see spirits, servitors etc etc right?

and how exactly does it work? Does it work on the third eye and pineal gland or does it have other mechanisms?


Exactly, this is an artifact (glasses) that help you to see beyond the layers of this reality. So yeah, will help with all you say.

You can use it by command (activate-deactivate)

Now im focusing on make artifacts and devices, so imagine you put the glasses and that’s all.

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Now is online only in gumroad (for now). I made some updates to it because it is a very complex product that reveals the vision layer by layer. To the upgrade I added a pathway to help unlock the emotional and mental barrier so you guys can discover more things.

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Audio added on gumroad. Those who bought trought marketplace, send me a pm

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Hello there

Here are new audios that i uploaded on gumroad (while waiting for enlightened release)

is free and special

audio plus mandala!

and this one, always important for everyone


I just tried the Just love one!

Beautifuuuul. Felt so warm and cozy.

Thank you!


So far I noticed either a “feeling” this field “has” or it increases sensitivity to other fields I have on me, don’t know, but when experiencing this I thought it’s the sensitivity option, being more open to energies. Three times I saw a flash / sparkle of light in random places of my view (eyes opened), it was small and quickly disappeared. I don’t remember such things to happen before. Need more time, I think field is working on something :slight_smile:.


I have had this field since it came out and so far, I am starting to see shadows moving at night, a couple of days ago I saw something while staying at a hotel moving around wasn’t sure what it is but I tried to observe it from far away and not give it too much attention


Are these actual glasses?

Not physically…

Now the link is up

Hi guys, I am intrigued by this field and am considering buying it. Is it a mandala only or audio aswell?

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Mandala and audio

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Oh great, thanks!

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Any testimonials on this?

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