Audio manager software

Hey guys was wondering what you guys use to play your audios (stacks) I was wondering if there was a software where you can set it to play an audio for example if i was listening to a stack I would need to listen to X (2 times) and then it would go on to the next audio.

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Here are a few Android audio player apps that offer the capability to set audio repeat modes for certain tracks or create playlists with customized play order:

  1. Poweramp Music Player: This highly customizable player allows you to set repeat modes for specific tracks or entire playlists. You can also create and save playlists with your preferred play order.
  2. PlayerPro Music Player: With this app, you can define the repeat mode for individual tracks or playlists, including options like playing once, repeating, or shuffling. It offers various sorting and queue options as well.
  3. Phonograph Music Player: Phonograph supports creating custom playlists and provides options for repeat at the track or playlist level. It has a clean and intuitive user interface.
  4. Rocket Music Player: This feature-rich music player allows you to set specific tracks or playlists on repeat modes. It also offers options to customize the play order and create dynamic playlists based on various criteria.
  5. jetAudio HD Music Player: This player supports repeat modes for different tracks or playlists. It has a sleek interface with multiple playback options, including crossfade and speed control.

Remember to check the features and settings of these apps to see which one best suits your specific needs.

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I recommend Poweramp, but also there’s so called Loop Player specifically made to loop audios.

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