Audios vs NFT

I got a new phone and now I can’t get access to my nft and it’s super- frustrating. Yes, I’ve contacted phantom’s customer service. Guess what they told me? I may have to try to keep importing my wallet maybe 75 times before it works.

Point is, I’d love the knight mindset but I’m not paying for another nft, just to lose it when I get a new phone.

Any chance I could get the audio version?

Hi achakras!

Nice Roses

As long as you still have the wallet you don’t lose ownership of the NFT. Do you have the original email from purchase?

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Hi! Yes, I still have it. And I can even transfer it. But then I look for my collectibles and there’s nothing there. This is so frustrating.

Did you trade in the old phone already?

I think mine took a few days to have all of
my NFTs display in my Phantom Wallet on my new mobile device;

But all’s resolved now and is just fine :slight_smile:
Maybe give it a few more days

And if you still don’t see them after a few days, check spam; when i transferred on over to my
new mobile device, some of the NFTs landed up there:
If that occurs, click the upper right hand corner and select “unhide collection”

Thank you. I will keep trying to figure this out.