Being of Virtue (or do the right thing)

To keep it simple, as human beings we’re all in this together.

Initially this was thought as an expanded work of the Way of Integrity audio in NFT form. Since then more ideas have come to light.

In any given situation, we as individuals/collectively decide on actions that affect one another. A main effect of this NFT will be to slowly expand our consciousness to become more aware of our decisions. Like if “I” act in this way, what kind of experience is being created with the person/people directly involved, how does it ripple out?

In the moment, this could help you “see” how a decision may affect someone, or at least become slightly more aware that it doesn’t “feel right,” or a better decision could be made. Naturally less impulsivity or reacting (vs e.g. responding).

Could also help in better “connecting the dots” between seemingly & non seemingly related events in your life.

One facet of the NFT would be to draw or have access from anything recorded in human past/future, to better understand being of virtue. Initially ‘virtue’ here was how it was understood/lived in East Asia’s history(e.g. ancient China, Tibet), but I don’t see why not to include access to all of humanity’s view?

Another facet would be able to receive guidance from human beings that have lived virtuous lives. Could be bodhisattvas, daoists, monks, saints, shamans, sages, etc. Whoever may be most compatible with the person interacting with this NFT and may best fit their situation.

Not sure if the order is relevant, initially thought that the NFT would focus on developing virtue through actions and decisions (i.e. behavior). Then, place more attention on thoughts, emotions, and how states of being affect self, surrounding environment.

Something written that I thought to highlight was David R Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness. To kind of get an idea of different states of consciousness.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas of how to go about bringing this project to light. As well as, ways to structure/organize the concept. Would be good to see some of your input and maybe we can get a group going.


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Alright! At least 5 interested. If we get a few more a group can be created and we’ll go from there.

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This will be amazing! :heart_eyes::slightly_smiling_face::muscle:

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I wrote a potential draft after meditating with an NFT.

Thought I’d ask if anyone would be willing to join a group to further Being of Virtue as a possible NFT submission. Restarting now

Human Being of Virtue

  1. Access and view of human past, present, and future

a) Record of every human involvement from the past, to include documents, images, videos, art, books, etc with a highlight of human interactions between one another, for better understanding

b) View of current human dynamics and how their energies are immediately affecting themselves and the immediate surrounding environment, particularly of earth

c) Identification of human patterns, trends, and how they are shaping possible future directions of existence

  1. Development of being

a) Growing consciousness/awareness of self, environment, and interconnectedness of life

b) Ways to develop empathy, and compassion through internal/external practice

c) In any human interaction, perceiving what a person is truly asking for, wanting, needing, attempting, or simply their state of being. Understanding a person’s capacity in what and how they can give, receive, or take

  1. Virtuous Life

a) Guidance and possible intercession from any human beings that have lived very virtuous lives, and are able & willing to share their being of virtue to affect one’s actions, thoughts, emotions, intentions in any given moment

b) Alchemical revision of virtue. However you have lived your life to this point, whatever you perceive or identify with, a revision to live in alignment with virtue

c) Dream’s more specific input​

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Human Being of Virtue community
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