Books on Health

Could anyone recommend good books on health not weight-loss or diet books but on good health, what comprises good health, how to get it, how to keep it, written by a medical doctor? Targeted for men would be a plus.

Any of the Russian geniuses ever wrote such books?



Do you want/ need the information in Russian?


No, sadly I’m not Russian nor I know how to read Russian, English please :grinning:

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Dr. Mercola is a D.O. (also a medical doctor able to write Rx’s), not an M.D. which is much better, imo. He has been emailing a free daily newsletter , full of fact/science checked articles for about 25 years now. I would not be alive today if not for him. He had a free library of articles on his website that had to be removed recently because he had the audacity to say that people should support their immune systems to keep from getting a certain virus. Also questions the safety and efficacy of certain jabs. He is setting up his library on substack, but it will be about $5 / month to search/read. The free articles on his website are only up for 48 hours before they are taken down.


I tried googling him and that was a mistake :sweat_smile: as I see tons of discrediting claims and misinformation claims. I just wanted to sign up for the emails.

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it’s just

Even though he had the #1 natural health website in the world, google started burying him in their search results. So I just don’t use google anymore. :+1:


I mean…

"Children Are Dying From COVID Lockdowns and Overdoses

Suicide and overdose rates are exploding, and COVID jab mandates must end. That’s the message… "

I see this and google definitely wouldn’t want to have this spread lol.

I welcome you to a better alternative or (lol, Google had bought this domain and redirected all traffic back to but no more)


No wonder I started getting strange results with duckduckgo! I didn’t know that. I tried and proton mail but they are not very convenient.

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Thanks, the reviews say it is most about recipes and the preview of the book also looks to be so. Still, I will check out.

Good health in my opinion has to do with feeding body, mind & soul right.

Body needs exercise to get everything flowing, hormones, blood, lymph fluids… Those hormones are also vital in staying emotionally balanced and clear headed.

Feed mind right, not just books!:
What are you taking in daily, are the TV shows, movies, newspapers, books you see really nurturing or is it better to listen to Mr Spartan, Joe De Sena via YouTube… and following that, go hardcore in control of what you take in!

and add Joe Dispenza while you’re at it, for better heart, mind & soul connection.

I love Tom Bilyeu, Robin Sharma, James Clear, …

If you want to get religious, nurture your soul, go meditate…
Caroline Myss has plenty of know-how, so does Myles Monroe, Penny Peirce, Eileen Caddy and many more. Yet they too have their karma and with that side notes, bring a bit of salt for remarks thst do not fit your deepest paradigm…

And don’t forget Ted Talks and alike…
They gave us Brené Brown & Simon Sinek!

And yes, body needs whole foods, preferably plantbased if you’d ask your soul (thou shall not kill is not only about other humans). No packaged stuff, too much salt & sugars and what not…

And the ultimate body hack: learn to breathe properly, yogic style… it will connect you more to spirit, draw you more into astral… less physically focused… I even start noticing needing less food (at 60 min breath work daily currently).

I can recommend a book on squats… another great & simple body hack…

And how about upgrading? Awaken your Kundalini would be massive :pray:


Thanks, very helpful. :+1:

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On nutrition and curing diseases, I highly recommend the Medical Medium :)

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I checked my copy. The first 10 chapters, about 70 pages, are the background, science, reasoning but the rest is recipes. Check your local library and see if they have a copy first. If not, buy the cheapest one you can find. While the book gives you the broad strokes, Ananda is right,

Mercola always starts with diet and nutrition and that is why there are so many recipes in the book. If a healthy diet is not something you’re used to, it’s hard to know where to start.

I wish his library was up already because he has (pre-civic) covered every aspect of health with the exception of spirituality. He covered HIIT as well as weight lifting in his exercise info, as well as topics like EFT, tapping, in the mental well being info. There’s even a vet that writes on natural pet care. It might be worth investing $5 one month and browse through the library once he has it up on any subject that interests you. In the meantime, eliminate the sugar and processed foods as a starting place and read, read, read. See what resonates with you and leave the rest behind so that you’re not trying to do everything at once.

You can regain your health and you have plenty of fields to help you along the way.