Brain Guild FAQS

We will make it together as time passes


I started writing the FAQs.

Do you guys have suggestions, ideas about common questions and answers that will be helpful to a new user ?

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Added to the list, thanks a lot @PracticalN


Don’t force yourself to reach 100 questions


Wow dont be rude i was just helping you.

All free now.

I don’t really see how I was being rude.
I appreciated your help, you are the only one to participate.

I meant, don’t spend too much of your time thinking about this to make it perfect.
There was no bad intentions on my part.

PS: I have internet problems, the forum is loading forever. I may take time to reply


Dont spend too much time thinking i needed it perfect.

If it wasnt rude it was definitely unnecessary and discouraging.

Like zero necessary.

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Ok, then I apologize for my formulation.
You said you’d keep thinking about it, I meant “no pressure”. I didn’t sit around thinking about how it would look like to others.

Like I said I appreciated your help, I asked for it and it’s been useful. I wrote it down.

Now, my reply may not have been tactful enough but yours is a big reaction I think.

I don’t need it perfect that was my point

I hope we can put this behind us


Yeah, no. i guess i didnt word it right.

I meant you didnt have to worry thinking i needed it perfect because no. I did not need it perfect i was just excited.

Sure we can leave this behind. I wish you good luck and ill look forward to reading the answers


There was some confusion for sure, huh :laughing: