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Hello Everyone,

I am new to patroen. I can’t seem to find any chakras audio on patroen. Anyone can help?

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They are only on gumroad.


Ok. Thanks for quick reply. Have you used any of the chakras audio? I would like to know any reviews or testimonials.

They have early effects and with consistent use , “late effects” that you can discover on your own experimentations :)


Energy Blockage Removal

The combination of fields energetically programmed here will work towards dissolving and removing energy body blockages as well as stimulate and grow your chakras in a wholesome positive way. You may experience better health and spiritual growth with regular listening, you may even notice different abilities growing and developing.

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Can’t feel much effect with this but thanks for the recommendation.

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You mean you don’t feel it while you are.listening to it?

Here is my review on them some months ago:

Ok so the chakras, ive been listening to the 4 audios 3 times back to back almost every day i skip one day here and there if i feel my body wants it or (too many s*** brought to the surface to work on lol)

I have worked on the third eye chakra and the crown one for as long as i remember (before Sapien) yes ive had more clarity and discernment than the average ppl you are surrounded by) clearer meditations etc… however (and i dont know if ego dissolution is helping here too because its added to the stash) but comparing now with before Sapien ive realised that whether my intuition was on point or not, there was a lot noise in myself -mind-soul-heart etc that caused me to always… always doubt whatever i was ‘feeling’ back then id say what if thats my ego and not my intuition? Lets wait longer, then hmmm im still not sure… etc yes a lot of things ended up being true but the fear stopped me from using that info anyway so what was the point? I guess it did land me on this heavenly world of Sapien lol
Anyway now after i think 5 weeks listening? The first weeks i was feeling such clarity and calmness and assurance but now tho! Omg guys, let me just list it:

-if i think of anything i need like info, solution, explanation, it does not take longer than a minute to pop the correct answer in my mind. Anything. If for instance i am surfing the web and come across something that makes me wonder this or that? Poofff! There is the answer in my head, and the best part is that the answer comes with 100% believe that is so. Zero doubts, not even a small thought like but wait… NO. Its like epiphany moments one after the other, and i say epiphanies because instead of doubting you go ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats right omg of course or oh wow thats a great idea, and u just go and do it with total confidence.
(Btw im mixing all the results, because some results you know are clearly coming from so and so chakra but some other results are just the combination of two of them or all of them)
-I feel immensely grounded, secured, confident, forward, hopeful, relaxed, loving, much more open to love and feel and flirt and go for it or not and its ok too.
-I know what im doing, i know what is right, and what is of no service in my life, i easily let go (i used to think before i was a pro at this… now i see the difference and realized that before i was just a runner with ppl, dreams, things, etc)
-Lol this one is funny… i dont feel horny with the need to fap hahah (ive never been an excessive faper but more than what is common for a girl, yes) yes i accept that i used to sometimes consciously do it to release tension, stress, headaches, or id be like… you know what? Just do it, you want it, youve been single for a long time and u just dont sleep around so dont feel bad, this is ur share of sex and ur body needs that orgasm) lol anywaaaaaaaay tmi. Now i simply dont feel horny (the other day i kinda worried not gonna lie haha, because i was like what if i wont feel desire or lust anymore even if i like a guy or im dating? :open_mouth::neutral_face:) so i made a test and went on a little meditation thinking of sexy men or some ex i liked having sex with in the past or just a random fantasy… and voilà!!! There it was… the desire, the lust, the craving and it actually felt sooooo strong I felt on fire!! I didnt do anything and just went about my day feeling even happier because once i got up and continued with my day, the desire subsided. Simple as that. Woah?! Imagine that control!! But when I was in the moment… it showed up in full force. And that too me its amazing. It really its amazing not to feel that desire lingering around ur body and head, because now its clear that the desire was the outcome of emptiness of other stuff i had.
-I connect to other realms or whatever level of consciousness i want in noo time.
-I can zoom out and meditate with open eyes doing other stuff and it ‘disconnects’ and ‘connects’ me so real that its confirmed when i realized ive finished a task and i didnt know how when where.
-I stopped day dreaming and that is huge to me because id be all the frikking time in dream land or creating upseting scenarios out of the blue for no reason, i am much more present, without mental noise. It feels liberating and therefore no anxiety waiting to jump in the picture.
-Stop judging, critisicing and pushing down myself all the time. And instead accepting, loving and admiring and embracing the whole me.
Thats the overall results so far from the chakras.

They are super low price compared to what they can do for you. I always come back to them once in a while because they are that good. Worth buying and using x


Also you can type on the googles icon this and youll get plenty different reviews in regards of them


Subtle but not obvious improvement.


Thanks for your reviews, which are the other 2 chakras audio, besides the crown & 3rd eye that you listened to?

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Base and sacral, plexus and heart, throat

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Thanks for the direction. I m still learning to navigate the search for the related reviews.


No problem. Ask until you can surf around x

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If you do not mind me asking, the chakras that you work on, underactive or overactive?

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I don’t understand that question

I read somewhere that our chakras may be overactive or underactive.
Symptoms associated with overactive or underactive chakras are different. So I am trying to learn which I would need most at this point.


Oh well that youd have to research the symptoms of both for each chakra and see what you need to work on.

These two links can explain mostly


Yes. And thanks. Looking for more personal experiences from those who have listened to the audios.

Have a great day! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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No but i think you are a bit confused.

The chakra audios help you balance, clear, heal and expand each one of them.

So you kinda need to research or learn first about each chakra not each chakra audio to see which one you need to work on then start listening to the audio of that specific chakra, prioritize the needs.

Whether a chakra is over or under the audios heal that imbalance.

If you dont know or dont want to check that first then start from the base and sacral one, for a few days, then continue with the plexus and heart one then with the throat one and finally the third eye and crown one. Then listen to all of them, until you notice the changes and adjust if you feel one needs more work.

Personal comments on that would be based on personal goals and needs that won’t help you much