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Introduction & Conceptualization Framework: The Theories behind the Positive Mind NFT.

Theoretical application of the mental observance of Endless possibilities is, at its root, a core mechanism behind constructing the positive mind; its relevance lies in the processes of feedback processing. Feedback processing reflects the relative value of an outcome based on the range of possible outcomes rather than the objective outcome value. These findings assert the conclusion that possibilities, when perceived as endless in the brain and mind compartments ; the body “functions’ in this state of perception capable of perceiving the All of a given situation or perspective; and therefore increases its own assimilation and acceptance of the positive reward and its connected Value. The Mind then assimilates the value and forms a concrete link to the perceived boundless possibilities and possible generated values. Sensitivity to Reward-Based processes derive the investigation to its relevant links elucidating the sensitivity and what initiates it, as well as the reciprocal interactions of the leading chains that follow into perceiving said rewards and value; for example, the outcome-based reward or the expectancy of positive rewards are some of the relevant factors discussed within the project. Thus, the value of reward is amplified through increasing the perception of specific values alluded to each and every compartment of the perceived. In the assimilation of the work presented, the Mental construct is observed in its interactions, functions, and perceived data as the equivalent outcome of the state of the mind. The trifacta form the construct itself. From there, observed are the states of the positive mind as One, the processes of which are transmitted into All of its functional aspects; inclusive of perception, analysis, assimilation, comprehension, and their final outcome of conclusions as well as decisions and the progression of their steps. Essentially, the process of “data processing” becomes of the newly applied states; the prevalent positivity of the mind.

The NFT posits a certain methodology to achieve the true attributes of the most golden mind; powered through psychic modulations and scientific knowledge.

Electromagnetic fields form an enhanced physical representation of consciousness through EEG signals and displayed scans. In their model, a different interaction than the neurological commence point takes place; wherein the neurological functions are an integrated point. EEG signals are a displayed culmination point of multiple processes that precede this point. Maxwell theories are integrated in the corresponding research to foretell the “space” relationship (the flow of charge) of the information structure of the EM fields - the information structure is the most distinctive point for the EM; it identifies the source and it can be used to identify the flow of charge. The sources of the field create the information structure of the field; which in turn creates a reflection in the generated field. The source is identified as the current itself and its motion. The most critical and identifying component of this is “the magnetic moment”; this notion forms the importance of the model usage and build the integration upon which. The magnetic moment is the moment of inception of the magnetic field at a given source. The identity of the source is recognized through the traceability of this magnetic moment; through this model, any modulation is applicable - the removal of patterns or the incorporation thereof - All integrations happens through this point; and as a result, all the methodology of incorporations follows through the magnetic moment identification.

EM integration occurs at an instantaneous rate; and although it remains dependant on the neural assemblies, the integration of information between the neural assemblies can be achieved much faster by integration of their separate EM fields than by traditional synaptic mechanisms; These facts make the EM field a better candidate than the neuronal sources of the field as the physical substrate for consciousness; reiterating on the fact that neurological assembly remains relevant. Electromagnetic fields are then incorporated in the positive mind NFT as a representation of consciousness itself; a triangle of factors is obtained through the information structure, its relevant strength, and the neurological assembly upon which the integration of the info is structured. This electromagnetic wiring is dependent on Time and Distance; so these relationships are taken into account in design. here this is brought into fortification of the signal; more charged; able to travel at faster distances. And able to commence the relevant reciprocal chains as a result. A neuro-biological interaction lies at the core of these EM signals; the thalamus is recognized as the main integration centre of the information; of which it transmits into the dorsal nuclei; the cortex relays its information to the non-sensory thalamaic nuclei, and the dorso medial nucleus receives inputs from the cortex and sub-cortex; it then integrates all the information into a charge flow that results in the structured EM field; representing consciousness.

the sensory experience that structures consciousness is administered in a cortex-wide hierarchy of interacting fields; each part of the brain creates its own electromagnetic field, and in their view, the highest level phenomenal (most probable / highest positive) is composed of multiple phenomenal constitutions upon which the final EEG field is created. Cortical processing is consistent with the deciphering of information through the various probability distributions over possible states of the world. Thalamus processing is composed of a group of synchronously active thalamic neurons that constitute thalamic dynamic core produces, through its enormously complicated, synchronously oscillating electric charges; the distinction is that, the presence of weaker and incoherent fields oscillating at local circuits but not conjoined with the dynamic core - are also firing synchronously with the thalamic dynamic core, despite not being a part of it. These local circuits appear to be the source of dynamic core firing or a contributing factor; acknowledged through psychic means.

In relevance to electric currents, measurements are configured to indicate the effects of electrical-stimulation based treatments. The adaptive reconfiguration index is one model that measures the hub of networks within the brain and estimates the probability of mental recovery after exposure to anesthesia. Drawing from ARI, the NFT measures the amount the amount of reconfiguration of directed functional connectivity and node degree in brain networks constructed from the electroencephalogram (EEG) as a direct indication of consciousness; directed functional connectivity and network hub location are markers of level of consciousness. The measurement is purposeful for the implementation of the new techniques and patterns, and for the indication and assessment of the starting point with each usage.

The brain/mind gains: higher altitude of functioning; in sight and perception
The brain /mind assimilates: mental willpower; fortitude; strength; resilience
The brain/ mind understands: lines of thought that do not align with the positive mind; conscious thoughts with a purpose are deciphered via the use of the EGG and the work within the psychic parameters of the Positive Mind NFT.

The Self Concept:

It is a newly implemented term that discusses the notion of the mental perception of an individual in their mental acquisition of the sum of the self. It constitutes the conceptual assembly of the human being and its relational aspects, as well as their own relationship to the world. This is a concept that carried different terminologies before. It is therefore considered that a general shift towards new understandings of the concept has been identified for the larger notion of humanity, and is therefore considered carrying more validity and by extension, new implementations. the self-concept of an individual consists of the conceptualization of their own self, if the self was to be put into an abstract forms; described as | State of Self | In that, the state of self is the continuum at which the identity is viewed from, one is able to deduce what the self-concept entails within the mental framework. Self-concept is the condensed vision in cognizance and visual perception of the identity of one person. It is therefore considered to entail every detail about the individual; colored by their own personal perception. These understandings offer a new way to implement concepts such as Ego, identity, etc, and provide a new gateway for novelty and ‘keeping up’ with the pace at which humanity’s understanding for the concept has evolved. For the implementation of this concept, one needs to define the paradigms in which the new self-concept operates. The new self-concept, if identified only with positivity, will not meet the requirements of the human being of the future. Instead, it builds its very own basis on positivity, augments its delivery into the mind via the positive forces, and uses the power of change to acclimate the new self-concept. Meaning, Change is reflected onto all what constitutes the identity and the self concept of the human, and with the addition of groundedness and confidence, it forms a trifacta of Positivity, change, and groundedness; together, these form an affirmed concept of the self of which the trifacta entails its roots of change. This is reflected in an individualized way for each individual; the main attribution is change that is grounded and is integrated within the notion of positivity. Every detail about the perception of the self is touched upon with these forces. Observe as a true force of power; induced through positivity; and finds itself grounded in reflection and perception; the perception is protected from wearing off or being worn down; such that the groundedness of the self and the perception protects it, various protection models can be applied here; for example, one can recommend the mechanisms of the crystalline armor of the dragon bones, the mechanism of which can be applied directly into the mental frames of the self-concept; note that the self-concept is often paired with behavioral changes that reflect its presence, and so the implementation here is both on the mental-parameters and on the behavioral integrations of them. In all what entails the work of this NFT, the work is presented to work simultaneously on the mental levels and on the behavioral ones. Behavior is directly associated with the states of the mind and is therefore ensured to be optimized for a true reflection of the psychic work entailed.

Evolution of man initiated in its consciousness evolution and it continues to do so via the same means. It’s not feasible to be fully immersed in a positive mindset without the consistently matching consciousness, it is also impossible to exclude consciousness from the attainability of the positive mind. Based on these considerations, the concept of consciousness evolution is explored; wherein the very consciousness of the human being is cleared and de-patterned, then supplemented with the maximal amount of raw energies; engineered for the evolution of consciousness to unprecedented levels. The consciousness is restored and healed, repaired from any previous damage from the normal recurrent life or impactful events. Similar to soul restoration, a process of consciousness restoration is initiated. It is often the case that a repairing of consciousness requires the assimilation of it; and that is the purpose of this aspect.

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okay let me post a shorter description for everyone; I understand this is a science-y project so let me decipher a few things:

~~Evolution of man initiated in its consciousness evolution and it continues to do so via the same means. It’s not feasible to be fully immersed in a positive mindset without the consistently matching consciousness, it is also impossible to exclude consciousness from the attainability of the positive mind. ~~ This is the very main concept behind this creation.

Consciousness determines one of the critical flows of life — the very structure of life.

The core strategy behind this creation is the collapse of all probabilities that aren’t — the highest positive, and the integration of only the highest positive in your mind.

Meaning, it uses quantum wave theories and consciousness frameworks to collapse all possibilities and leave the mind integrative of only the most positive.

This “highest positive” system is reinforced within the brain, within the thalamic-cortical structure, this is where processing speed is concerned and the administration of consiocuness at a deeper level is integrated.

the concept introduces a new method to build and remove patterns; it speaks of the “magnetic moment” behind each pattern emerging in the mind; it speaks of consciousness and life itself as a large electromagnetic field that is imbued at the atomic level.

this source is naturally very subtle but it is the root behind all consciousness - with the psychic means available here, the goal is to target these subtle nuances that exist at the finer levels and push them to become integrated as the positive structure of the mind.

All what is persistent and “unknown” to the mind will immediately dissolve; rebuilt back up in the golden light.

the golden light is a structure within the NFT - it is not announced in here, but it is a reinforcement of systems utilizing photons, electromagnetic, and electrical stimulation - this is a system that has not been made in the modern world yet (it doesn’t exist - it’s from the future; they’re building it)

but then now it is incorporated here.

some of the concepts are new and haven’t been integrated before; For anyone who hasn’t been getting results from the Woven World Series; The series has an “automated manifestation” aspect to it right? and then this aspect uses the “automated visualization”

but there are blockages sometimes to seeing this as in believing it

So the NFT here targets this problem using this introductory concept: the Visual Consciousness

It focuses specifically on the visual consciousness of the person; any change of events that were not pleasant to experience, any previous patterns that are paired with certain images - yeah all of these are removed and targeting with the new wiring method that this NFT offers: Electromagnetic wiring

Electromagnetic wiring is an insteanous wiring method that is free of the limitations of the neurochemical synaptic wiring yet it is also inclusive of it. The new methodology indicates a set of precedent events that occur before neurological wiring takes place- these events are the brain’s ‘motive’ behind going in a certain direction of “being” - so firing, wiring, all take place as a second-third event as opposed to the initial spark in the chain of events.

the system occurs at the thalamic - cortex points of interaction, the moment of charge (spin) happens - and then the information is sent to the thalamus, the thalamus then shifts through the probabilities of which best “suit” the state of the world known to a person - it then derives this information to the cortex and from there, cortical processing happens- the cortex then shifts through multiple other possibilities in an integrated system of the thalamus and cortex - together, these two “almost literally” define Reality itself for the person.

So this is it! This is only a portion and a simplified one for those who could understand the description to be too science-y!

The Positive Mind NFT - Consciousness reinvented :bulb:


Wow, I love this project already!


the concept is detailed too - it deals with the most important element that forms the angle from which everything is viewed: Consciousness

With the new bump and the new people interested, I’m thinking of turning this into a private project, but I clearly don’t want to. I’d love for this to be public for everyone.

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How would this look according to the new nft submission format/guidelines?


I will have the answer for this in a few days as I’m currently working on decompressing another project into the new submission guidelines. But I aim to include all the benefits into the submission - the project was constructed with the new (now old) guidelines in mind so it is easier to decompress

In the private group, I’ll share the original PDF.


hello, Desiree, i know about the subconscious mind , the conscious mind , the soul (the part of us that goes from life to life and accumulates experience and karma) , and our Higher Self (= Atman = the divine spark of consciousness, part of God) ; could you please tell which one of these are you reffering to, when you say the term “consciousness” in the context of this NFT?


this part; you can find in Apollo NFT ;)

… and an upcoming field specifically for it


you made me spill a surprise haha

there will be a separate audio with the feature from Apollo NFT - the Sensorium Dei :)

Consciousness is exactly identified as the magnetic spur of the moment that initiates a sequence of reciprocal interactions forming an electromagnetic wave which in turn forms all the interactions with the neurological system and reality itself ; two parts are thus determining of consciousness; the few moments “before” the magnetic spur, and the quantum interaction from the mind / consciousness to reality. Specifically, the parts that choose which realities to calibrate highest as the chosen indications of the “match” to the world of the individual.

Consciousness, in design, will cover all of these.

I can add your particular remarks as well :)

As you join the private group, the full description will be offered. It explains the science and the mechanism in full.


i see, thank you for your response :herb: :star2:


i think this is the most important part: really, really believing that what we wish is possible and that it will really happen for us , it is the core of manifestation


I also think the Visual Consciousness part is crucial - Visuals are communicated at a faster pace - they are the conceptualization process In the form of sensory information

These have the capability to be processed at a plausible psychological rate too.

Visual consciousness can have a lot stored in it - things we are not aware of, things we unconsciously build at the scope of our existence - there is just that much stored in a visual consciousness. It is a worthy part of our existence if you think about it.

It … builds it.

So thank you also for pointing this one out.

Consciousness Reinvented … For a reason ;)



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Hello Triple-T, the recruitment for this NFT is now closed. It has been transformed into an exclusive project. You can join as you expressed your interest in an earlier post :))