NFT for social spaces

Discovered this through a smart village that is being created by the Future Thinkers community:

This allows to make social spaces on discord and telegram, with NFTs being used as pass to have access to those.

Perhaps some inspiration for future things :slight_smile:

Ps: the future thinker village project is a very cool as well.


Really cool idea.

I don’t know fully how this works, but it would be great if the people who have a token, or have had a token, can put all their knowledge here.

Once their NFT has been sold I’m sure they’d still be helpful members, but then more people could also come into the group.


Basically the idea is that access to those special channels or circles are only opened to NFT holders, like your private pass or key.

If you sell it, you give your access to it or membership :)


@Captain_Nemo @SammyG this could open the door of membership based private group.

In the same vibe as the No Limit Society from Bentinho Massaro

VIP tickets in some ways, to have a more direct access to you guys and to special creations or projects limited to this group only.

Not meaning to make anything exclusive, but if you had some cool projects you cannot open to the public…
Or even need more funding, and some people would be willing to pay a hefty sum for this?


Great idea actually. One that alligns with our future endeavors :slight_smile: So we’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for the recommendation!