Concern regarding method of unblocking chakras

Hello friends. I know some of you have read my post on what unblocked chakras have done in my experience. However something very bad and strange has happened with me these last 3 days. So I was using meditative mind channel while I’m sleeping to remove any possible blocked chakras.

3 days ago I was using the unblock root chakra. I get a dream that someone stole my car and couldn’t find my car in the parking lot after getting off work. 2 days ago I used the unblock sacral chakra and I get a dream that I was stealing money from someone and betraying their trust

Now here comes last night. I get in a car accident. Isn’t it strange how very shortly after having a dream relating to my car I happen to get in a car accident? Here is what makes it even more interesting. This car accident wasn’t my fault either. Both of us were making a left turn, I was in the right lane she was in the left lane. Her passenger side headlight hit my rear driver side door.

Here I thought I was removing any blockages in my energy system through these dreams. I guess I was wrong.

I am a bit concerned here. Can someone shed some light here?

There’s the problem.


Please explain. What’s interesting is that I used the unblock heart chakra video a few weeks ago and the heaviness left.

Ok, well we can kill 2 birds with one stone here.

A. As Samurai said, not sure why you’re entrusted something as vital to your chakra growth to an non-Sapien channel. No offense but I doubt many other makers out there are as knowledgeable about the subject as he is, but hey, we all make choices

B. You can learn to start interpreting the language that your Higher Self uses during dreams. Yeah, a bad dream/nightmare might just be you processing stuff.
But oftentimes it’s giving you a straight up warning about something that’s about to happen.

Now you have your very own case study to compare and contrast with future dreams.


Here is the thing. I used his channel because I knew I had blockages. I felt a heaviness in my throat and heart chakras. Within like 2 days the heaviness was gone. I used Dream Seeds energy blockage removal for maybe 2 weeks and I felt no difference.

Don’t know what to tell you.
Maybe they have a kick ass heart chakra video and complete trash root chakra video.

I just know for me personally, I don’t fuck with other people’s chakra/spiritual issues “anything” unless I’ve completely vetted them as reliable and knowledgeable on the subject.


Chakras aren’t really “blocked”, ever.

They can be inbalanced, and guess what regulates it all? The mind.

Alot of issues, including chakras, can all be fixed in the mind.

Give the confidence and become whole audios a shot, you’d be surprised how many “chakra” issues it will solve.

Self-love fixes everything, may sound corny, but its the truth.


I think there are cultural misconceptions about love, that why to some can sound corny


OK, so for once _OM and I are in total disagreement.

The Meditative Mind stuff is AWESOME. Sure, you can use Sapien stuff, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in this group, but I don’t JUST use Sapien stuff, and this isn’t about whose video you used.

This is about the fact that when you unblock a chakra this does several things:

  1. It releases actual energy blockages in your body.
  2. It causes the chakra to grow, thereby taking over new energetic real estate, so to speak.
  3. It releases energetic/emotional stuff that is linked to past lives, alternate realities, the akashic records, you name it.

So what you’re experiencing is psychic and subconscious messages. These aren’t unexpected whether you’re listening to vids from Sapien or anyone else, or doing Reiki/Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Yoga/drugs. As your energy body is cleared, and your physical body is cleared, and your purposes here come into alignment with your divine blueprint, there are going to be lots of informational downloads that may or may not manifest in your dreams as well as physical reality. This is all part of the adjustment process.

My advice (which I always give, and which is never followed), is to loop all the love videos. As long as you surround yourself with love and radiate it, your life will move in positive directions. But clearing your chakras is absolutely going to cause an upheaval process in your life, no matter how you do it. The love videos will help turn that chaos into something awesome.

As far as whose chakra videos/audios to use, use all the ones that seem good, and trustworthy (Sapien, Meditative Mind, and Quadible Integrity all come to mind). There’s a Taos Winds or some such channel too, and they have some very legit stuff with a more Eastern flavor. Loop them with love stuff between and it’ll make it easier.

Gravitational Love Wave is still my go to when I don’t know what else to play. Love waves can break up energetic garbage too.

Also, add Ego Dissolution to your loop. It will stop your subconscious from getting in the way and manifesting negatively for you (not that I really think that’s what’s happening here).


Now comes the question. How many of these attraction based frequencies can I use? These days I have been using muscle growth, upper body workout, and test booster. Sometimes estrogen reducer for physical frequencies as I listed above. On top of that I already use the old version of the attract love video

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There is no upper limit.