Consistent listening

Hi, I saw an article @SammyG posted on the blog at enlightened states. It talks about how to guarantee success with a field, you have to listen everyday, miss one day and you have to start all over again. What if I am feeling overwhelmed with the fields though and feel like I might need a break. is there any way around this? :pray:


Then take the break that your energy system is asking for.

With these fields, it’s important to learn to listen to your individual energy system. If you’re feeling the need to take a break, that’s important information for you to listen to.

Powering through the indicators you’re noticing from your body and energy system could be a way to undermine your success as well. IOW, it could be you’re headed for a break, whether you decide to consciously take it or your body/energy system decides it’s too (tired?) to work with the fields you’re using.

Yes, take your break. During your break, prioritize your goals (however you want to organize your priorities). IIRC, you’re wanting to accomplish a number of physical goals. Prioritize those goals and then pick 1 goal. Create a stack for that goal, following the guidelines of our Official Sapienmed FAQ (Updated) and How to Create Great Stacks.

When you’re rested, use that stack alone until you have accomplished your 1 goal or until you are sure you know how your body and/energy systems are handling your stack.

Work your way down your list of goals. (Personally, I like to start from “easiest” goals and work my way up, but that’s my preference.)


But then if I take a break, then I undo all the work I’ve already done and have to start again

Question No. 36 from the FAQ mentions it is alright to skip a day, if required:


It is a physical change I’m working on (gynecomastia), thanks for clearing that up. My playlist is -

ego dissolution x1
SLR x1
Torsion x1
Plasma light x1
Cosmo volt x1
Gynecomastia x3
self love x2
confidence x2
grounding x1

I added ego dissolution, SLR, torsion, plasma and cosmo volt as I read in other threads that these fields can speed up the process, and then self love and confidence are just other things that are important to me. Maybe I could take out a couple of the fields for a break if I need to and just make sure I always listen to the gynecomastia field at least twice a day

If your concern is that you might feel overwhelmed and skip important ones then focus on the one you need rather than listening to a lot and getting overwhelmed.

I get overwhelmed by listening just 3. I switched to just listening 1 or 2 a day.

If ur feeling overwhelmed, just take a break.

That is a good thing now u know the fields work on u.:raised_hands:

When u get back to listening, pick a few audios and bam u get ur results