Conspiracy Theories Thread

Update: I will post less from now on and I will focus on improving my life, if you want, you can read My Resolve and my answers thread for a more complete update.

I want to create this thread so that we may post and discuss whatever crazy or not so crazy theories we have heard of or at least those that we want to share or talk about.
Let’s keep this civil, people and let’s not forget that these are, after all, (just) theories or ideas.

I wish you all a good time on this thread and I hope you enjoy your coffee/tea/beer/wine/soda/whiskey/vodka//beverage/“insert your favorite thing” along/with a nice conspiracy theory.

I hope the @admins agree to such a thread.

Has someone created such a thread yet? Forgive my ignorance, but I couldn’t find it (it might exist, though).

If I made/make mistakes, please forgive my English, I learned it as a foreign language.

And to get the ball running, one the most interesting theories that I’ve heard of is the reptilian theory, and I mean the part with them ruling Earth, …, I mean, who knows … :grin:



If there is going to be a thread on conspiracies, the mother of all conspiracies should kick-start the thread.


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The only problem with that, as many people said it, is that a few countries have reached the moon and if they have not, are all the governments lying and why, that is a/the question (?) … How about all these photos and videos from outer space?

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I don’t know I have wasted enough time on this over a decade ago and I don’t think it really happened. In one episode of the Joe Rogan podcast, he talks about the book Bill Clinton wrote (I didn’t read) where Bill mentions towards the end that after being in white house for so long, he is unsure whether moon landing really happened or not.

There is a nice movie called Operation Avalanche (2016) - IMDb which shows how it could have been done.

My general take on conspiracy theories is that after a while you will feel you have wasted a lot of time and ended up nowhere but moon landing is something which I’m surer than about the others that it never happened.


To be honest, conspiracy theories are mostly just a hobby or just a thing to do for most people, not really a priority and also, I agree that many of them (if not all) are a waste of time, but so are many other things, activities, etc., so it all depends on the individual and how someone wants to “waste” their time, I guess. :grin:
Still, regarding the aforementioned moon landing thing/conspiracy, as you are inclined to believe/think (and as you said, there are/might even be clues that), it might have never happened, again, who knows …

EDIT: Perhaps some very advanced people, spiritually advanced, might see and know things, but they are wise enough to never bother with such “mundane” stuff …

Well, I certainly don’t believe that I’m smarter, but who knows, other people or rather some people, sure, they might think they are discovering things unheard of or they might want to prove something to others, yet, I think that for the most part, people do it out of curiosity, you know … they want to know more, to explore ideas …

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Agree, but I heard the people of science believe that people who are into conspiracy theories get into it because they think they are smarter than the crowd and want to prove to others. Whatever may be the case it is fun for a while for sure.

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My favourite one is that governments care about people.

Although there are some theories that might hold truth, spending to much time with them is just draining imo.
I´ve been there in the past but do you really want to give that much energy to things that are maybe true, maybe not and even if they are, what is it for? It´s not like you are going to change anything about it or do you? Beeing informed is a good thing, drowning in unnecessary bs isn´t.

That time and energy is way better invested in creating a life that fits your purpose and desires.
And if conspiracy theories give somebody a big sense of purpose (know at least 2 people that spend majority of their time studying them, none is satisfied with themselves what a surprise) maybe that person is just addicted to the drama and should take a look at the underlying issue.

would fit the people I know, they definetly talk about themselves as superior to the “sheeps” but still have to tell everybody that they are indeed hmm… :thinking:
hope it makes sense, haven´t slept last night.


I like that/how you phrased it, because in the end institutions, overall, have a role in this world, to keep things going, for society to have order, etc.
Still, I think that some people from any government care, some people don’t care, just like any other institution or organization; I think that for the most part, people who are working for any government, well, they are just doing a job.

Again, this isn’t a main thing for me, it’s most like a side thing, you know, more like a "I have nothing better to do, I should read some stuff’; I usually have other unimportant stuff that I waste my time with, like reading about history (really, now, does this help the world i any way?), watching a documentary (again, history or travel or animals, nature or something else) or watching a show; rarely, do I have time for this stuff, for conspiracies.
This was more like an idea, I saw an opportunity and I took it, I said, well, since there isn’t an official thread for conspiracies, how about, making one. :grinning:

I agree with that part, Yeah, drowning in unnecessary bs isn’t a good thing.

9/11 x Pentagon

(As someone who lives right there
It astounds me people really think it was staged)

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Ooouuh, dropping the heavy ones here!

Not exactly.
Its to perpetrate fear. Or on a more serious note its closely linked to genocides, prejudice, witch hunts, revolutions; it encourages people to reject scientific consensuses (ie: climate change), too.
No wonder why many terrorists are keen supporters of it.

But that’s not to say that some legit stuff ends up being assumed as conspiracy
Maybe because people usually aren’t open to ideas that fall far beyond their current belief systems; so perhaps they label events that are too supernatural as “conspiracy like” as a way for themselves’ to avoid encountering some major cognitive dissonance. Perhaps


they do exist,
But not rule the world per say, esp if you mean like all the elite are pure blooded reptilians lol


I’ve never understood the hesitancy about believing that governments lie—constantly. People lie daily. Most good people lie some, and self-absorbed, glib, manipulative people lie a lot. The latter gravitate towards politics, and since government workers tend to be order followers, big lies by government are a predictable result.

Once you accept this, particular conspiracies lose their power, as the point of conspiracy thinking is the big reveal that the government is lying about something. And, for the most part, people in the department of transportation, to name a random government agency, really are just trying to make the trains run on time, for better or worse.


I like a good conspiracy theory :smiley:
The David Icke forum is dedicated to them. There are definitely some interesting topics to read about.
I would say a lot of conspiracy theories are fabricated to push you from the truth (ironically) as well as to keep you distracted.

I like the YouTuber - Doenut as his content is pretty interesting. He goes into numerology/astrology and significant dates and how things are being planned on certain events.
A lot of huge things surrounding us are by design from the elite and have been revealed in such a covert way.
They tend to use the same numbers and phrases.

For example, we are in the year of The Tiger (or water tiger?)
Apparently during these times, there are usually global recessions etc. It’s all carefully planned out.
There’s a lot to discuss, but I don’t know how welcome these theories will be, so I’ll leave them out for now.
However, it’s interesting to look into the esoteric side of things and how they relate to what’s going on now. Specifically dates and repetition of numbers. 51 - 15 being well used at this time in many media articles. I feel these numbers can tell us a story and what’s going on.
Doenut explains it all, along with Waters above Crypto.

I do enjoy reading them though as I’m trying to put the pieces of this life puzzle together and I truly believe we are going through a spiritual war right now.
I’m not saying it’s the truth as I genuinely don’t know. I’m just interested to hear what’s being discussed and if stuff can be backed up by recognising patterns and rituals, then I am intrigued.

But hey, it’s good to hear other input and theories. This world is a puzzle and I want all the answers :laughing:

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The Tupac is alive theory

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Most probably that is the case.

Yeah, the “elite” (I put quotation marks as I don’t view anyone who only cares about power as being in any way superior) have their numbers and symbols.

It’s not that I don’t want to have answers to every single question, it’s just that time is so limited and I want to enjoy life, not to study :laughing: I’ll let others who are wiser and more perseverent to get them for me/us. :joy:

I’ll try to limit this whole conspiracy thing to this reply, since, as you mentioned, there are forums just for that, for conspiracies AND THIS FORUM I DON’T THINK IS MEANT FOR SUCH THINGS AND TO BE HONEST I’M KIND OF SORRY THAT I MADE THIS THREAD, SINCE THIS PLACE IS FOR HEALING, ENLIGHTENMENT AND OTHER MORE USEFUL/PRACTICAL THINGS AND DISCUSSIONS (it’s just my view/opinion) and to be honest, I just want to enjoy life, I don’t to waste my time with so much study and so many theories … and if I’m going to read, at least I’ll do it for a clear purpose: to better/improve my life and to improve my mind, body and spirit (can the spirit be improved in the first place?)!

Maybe, anyway, I don’t care, to be honest. :grin: Nor do I care about Elvis or any star that supposedly didn’t die. I might like or love someone’s music, but I don’t care if they faked their death or whatever. :slightly_smiling_face:


Guess you created a little monster @SoulStar33


I’m sorry.


It’s all good :)

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I think it’s great to have an open mind about these things :) absolutely.

But yeah, it can bring us down a lot. Especially when covid happened. I genuinely did have a mental breakdown due to so much conflicting and confusing information.
It was food for thought, but once you down the rabbit hole, it can be difficult to see the world as you did before. It’s quite scary really.
I totally agree about the elite part. I don’t see them as above me, just used the word so folk knew who I meant hehe. I usually refer to them as “them” lol.
It does still interest me though, but there’s only so much I can take. It does produce a lot of angry people.

You’re doing the right thing, focusing on enjoying life…I believe that’s what it’s all about, fundamentally.