Desiree needs our help (heavy psychic attacks); Arrow needs Urgent help - - - - - Urgent Help Thread - Emergency Thread

This Thread can be used by anyone who has an Emergency, for Immediate/Urgent Help (it is only made for such purposes - maybe it will be useful, maybe not), although it does not replace any other thread, it’s sole purpose being for members to ask for Urgent Help, no matter the Urgency.

I hope this thread will be Useful.


This will be my last thread for a while (anyone can see that I kept my word for some time and I have not spammed threads anymore).


This is a really nice and kind idea to have on here @SoulStar33 :pray:t3:

Maybe @Divine_Lotus or @SammyG could give it it’s own label or pin it instead of “general discussion” so that it would be easier to find for all of us who have servitors, wonderdul beings and so on that can and would like to help others.

Very thoughtful of you my friend :raised_hands:t3:


Thank You. :pray:

That’s a Brilliant Idea, hopefully the Admins approve it.


I had a stroke I don’t know what to listen tp


Stroke Prevention and Help


Also Go See a Medic/to the Hospital, Please, as soon as possible (if you have not already done so)

50+ results for Stroke

Use Cards, Healing one, Energy Expansion Card

Cellular Regeneration field (maybe)

I will link these 2 asap

I hope that more/other helpful answers will arrive.

Hope You Heal Well and Fast, @RedCat11 - Take Care :pray: and Keep us Updated!

Update: use Be The Healer Mandala or Field.

Mass Meditation might be Very Helpful, the link is in the first post.

Chakras/Energy Work/Reiki might be Very Useful Long Term, maybe even Short Term - if you could go to such healers/practitioners and/or listen to fields (there is a Reiki field, all sorts of fields for Chakras or which help/stimulate the chakras).

Edit/Update: Let’s hope that our Friends will help you with Servitors and through other means.

Heart inflammation field could be useful as well. For me it makes the job of “pumping” less of a strain for the heart overall.

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Thank you


Need help with ear balance problem/vertigo having a very difficult time with that and nausea.


Besides healing sent by Any Noble Soul willing and able to help You, there are fields which might or should help with Vertigo:

Also, politics of the body, mstate iron, Virus Disruption, Schuman resonance, etc. among possible fields.

Also, you can use cards, if you are attuned:

Bless You And Have a Quick Recovery! :pray:

Me too it was from a stroke see a Dr


Could someone please send some healing my father’s way? He has had some flu symptoms (sore throat, headache, runny nose and eyes, weakness) since Saturday and today he was taken to hospital. No details available yet. I have his general permission for this sort of thing.

Please. Please help him.



@onwards, @RedCat11, @Mythicalmoth, please use Intercession fields, as these call on help from Very Powerful Beings.

I wish You Much Health for Yourselves and for Your Dear Ones! :pray:

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Calling on Angelic Intercession for your father and sending Caladrius.
angel prayers silver


@RedCat11 @Mythicalmoth
How are you both doing?
sending Caladrius and angels


This thread is fantastic. Kudos to @SoulStar33🙏

And the fact that you update it with every new need is amazing!!

Have an emergency?

Dial 911Soulstar33, he will find the help for you!!



Thank You. :pray:
I’m just a Soul, trying to help Other Souls as well, since I or My Mom have received Help many times already, also I have received so many answers and so much support - this Community exists Thanks to Captain and Sammy, first of all, then thanks to All The Amazing People And Other Beings who have been or are Involved in Helping Humanity and Life in General.

Then, on this Thread, I just Started it, the Rest is The Forum/Everyone’s Beautiful Work.


@SoulStar33 - How is your mom doing?

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She is much better now, overall (after the amputation), but she gets wounded quite easily due to her diabetes - she was scared to listen to diabetes or pancreas fields, due to her blood sugar rising and falling very fast…
I hope to convince her to start to listen again, for her own good.

She listens to general health fields and some energy fields, mostly.
The doctor is quite happy with her evolution.

It’s a miracle that she’s alive, she also made a Very Surprising Recovery - again, Thanks to the Help she received.

She can eat and eat and eat…
She is much better.

Edit: it’s small wounds, or rather bruises mostly, she bruises quite fast - she is Much Better now, @Rosechalice - Thank You so much for Asking. :pray:
Also, Thank You, Rosechalice, @Lunamoon22, @shadowhunter176, @Seamie and Thank You to Anyone Involved in Helping Others, Thank You for All The Help You Give to Everyone. :pray:


I hope you know that you’re an absolute rock star.
And… anyone, if you can and feel moved to do so, please help my father.

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Onwards, RedCat11, Mythicalmoth - Please Use the Mass Meditation field and/or Mandala, they can be Quite Helpful.

Thank You, My friend - now, back to what this Thread is meant for, Healing Your Father and Everyone Who Asks/Asked for Urgent Help.

Edit: @onwards (and Everyone in need who is reading this) - i just realized/remembered that Cards can be used for others as well - so you can use the Energy Expansion card to increase your father’s Energy (might be helpful also due to the fact that Energy Healing/Sent his way might Work/Reach More Efficiently - it’s only an assumption, Idk for sure) and also the Healing Card (and maybe even the chakras card)…

The only requirement for Anyone is to be attuned, I will post a link or a quote soon.

A quote from @gpo (Very Helpful Info - Thank You)

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