Did anyone else not receive these Venly NFTs in their wallets?

I am just now noticing my Isis, Osiris, and Persephone NFTs never arrived in my wallet from all the way back in 10/22. I purchased them and didn’t really work with them and never checked my Venly wallet to see if they were there. I transfer my NFTs to Trustee Wallet when they arrive, so I never really use Venly enough to notice. Did anyone else not receive these?

@Dreamweaver are you aware of any minting problems with any of these NFTs?


Yes they all had issues minting, or not minted at all in the end.
I know for a fact that Isis was remade, the other two im not certain


Ahh okay. Thank you for letting me know.

oh yes
Please message me again
If there are groups for the Osiris and Persephone

I thought this would of have been actually minted by them.
Well we can assume its totally not gonna be.


I think Mosseti has a group set up for the Osiris one… I remember there was talks of a Persephone one as well



Thank you, Dreamweaver. I sent you a message. I got Isis and have been invited to the Osiris group but there is no link in there.


For what it’s worth, Venly was more than willing to help out; not Spring (Bondly).
Yeah idk what Spring’s been smoking because they’d either not respond or they’d just re-send the email we all get post-purchase: the receipt.


Venly needed to know Spring/Bondly’s network’s hashes for the transfer they made into our wallets (after purchasing)…and Venly can’t check themselves since it seems to be internally generated by the seller (Spring)

I purchased Osiris on Nov 2.

Contacted teespring through fanhelp@spri.ng
but didn’t receive a response.

Then I discovered their email changed to support@teespring.com and contacted them on Feb 1

They refunded my purchased on Feb 3

Even though I didn’t receive Osiris NFT, I had a neat journey through his guidance related to death, birth, rebirth in Nov/Dec.

For Isis, Osiris and Persephone Owners:

There is an email you can send the following info to so you can get them in your wallet:

Show them your receipt
All of your inventory in your venly account
Your venly account (that long number thing)
and email associated to the venly account (if you can try to send the message from that email)

You have to do the screenshot of all your inventory though because from Venly’s end it actually says we all have them in our wallets…even though we don’t
Consider it a glitch in the cryptomatrix or something.
For any of you who were part of the philosophers stone group…consider this situation basically the same as that (where they told us we had it, but we actually didn’t, so they had to revise it and then bam, we all got it).

I don’t want to put the email on this thread publicly though. Because I don’t want that poor guy to get spammed by pranksters lol
But if anyone wants it, just like this post or something , can create a group and give y’all the email.


I have over 40 messages in one email thread with Venly and Spring not even including the other email separate messages.
Idk what to say other than Spring has just utterly lost it. We all have the transaction documented on Venly’s end - so fine, ok, at least it means we do “have” them. However, what we don’t have is their HD quality pictures.
With that said and given it’s been nearly half a year,
@Dreamweaver please send us the original pixel photos for Isis, Osiris, and Persephone please. Thank you