Digital Magnetron Broadcaster Elite

After much work, the Digital Magnetron Broadcaster Elite is now available for just $9.99/mo.

The interface is simple and intuitive. Click the toroidal circles surrounding the target, and insert sigils or images of things you want to attract. Put a photo of your target in the center. At the bottom you can use a command or affirmation, and simply slide the slider to enable it.

The Digital Magnetron Broadcaster is still free at


Hello Sorcery, greetings, any good way you can share to create sigils and put them on your emitter?
I’ve tried creating sigils with online pages, being too lazy to create them by hand, but do you think it’s a safe way to do it?

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Yes, absolutely. Intent is 99% of it. So even if there are some small bugs etc they’re generally all good.

My favorite is just to use a Gallifreyan generator. It’s as effective as any I’ve tried and comes in a circular, visually pleasing configuration with some randomness.


New video demoing a few features. I highly recommend adding the Hebrew name to Angelic energies. The Hebrew spelling of an angel’s name of something like the OG sigil for that angel.

Of course you can immediately feel the energy in the video rise and drop as the servitors engage and engorge.

Some new features not in the web version in an Alpha standalone version for Windows (can compile for OSX and Linux if there are requests).

Subscribers to the Digital Magnetron Broadcaster Elite on or the Student level ($33.33/month) on my Ko-Fi can request a free copy (the servitors will stop doing their thing on your end if you don’t have an active subscription, even if the software still opens).

New features for the standalone version (free with a subscription to the Digital Magnetron Broadcaster Elite or Ko-Fi “Student” subscription):

Upgraded engine (activated by the switch, of course), and “Curated Boosters” section of public videos (to be exported as a user-selectable library so you can make your own as well in future versions, but here just have included some I like), so you can add a Youtube video to the broadcast as well. Excellent for field integration of course.

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