Disputes Thread (Posts Removed Weekly)

Addendum 7-16-24 / Rosechalice

Since it is not necessary to keep a yearly record of disputes (!), this thread will be purged weekly via energies of the Mass Meditation each Sunday along with the Venting Thread. Presumably disputes can be settled in a timely manner and the persons involved will use the thread wisely. This is a forum where we are dedicated to raising energies, not lowering them. Please use this provided space to come to rational conclusions and move forward in a better energetic space.

Let out your frustrations with another user (even me) in this thread. If in another thread, bring it here.

Keep it civil. Listen to eachother. And summon me to referee. As time passes, other referees that feel they can handle the energetic backlash can step in to be the middle ground as well. But I doubt anyone would want to do that lol.


well, sammy I’ve been waiting to pick a bone with you. :imp:

(jk, thanks for the thread)


I have a big frustration with @SammyG - you should write your amazing posts more!

Love you brother :heart:


The minute I saw this I burst out laughing! :rofl: :pray:


Sammy…my higher self says I need to put you to sleep! Why? Because you are working hard on the invoices for the missing gumroad audios.

Time to FORCEFULLY put you to sleep! GG Sammy. Night night.



Same here bro! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I have a problem with Sammy for crossing some limits. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Sammy is so awesome, structured, smart in his posts; he always calls for calm in the midst of chaos, by the way the only time I talked with him via zoom was a super loving experience and we shared our knowledge about pokemon. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


I’m pissed off with you, @SammyG. I miss your big walls of enlightening posts.



Violet is kind of a basic flower tbh :roll_eyes:
and it is not even in the top 3 best colors

come at me bro :pouting_cat:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


lmao ya’ll are making cheese here hahaha :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Thanks though! I needed the laugh and motivational energy. And the love. That feels real nice. Right back to you all. I can’t ever really get upset at you guys. All I got is love for you all :heart:

Beyond this stuff here, got a huge event in my life coming up soon. I’ll share it with you guys when it happens cause I don’t link to jinx things. So yeah, I’ve been extremely busy and with so little time.

As for talking more… I know, I know. Once life settles back into normalcy, I got some really cool stuff planned for here. Which will for one, involve me interacting here more.



If anyone wants to rap battle, I’m back in the game,
Epileptic flow yo I’ll rattle your brain,
I ain’t after the fame,
I’m after every rapper who be rappin it lame,
come and take aim and get ejected,
my light and glory armor will deflect it,
flow so perfected like I’m heavenly,
some say my microphone’s the spear of destiny,
one man army, I dare a revolution,
battling with me is instant ego dissolution




Lyrical assassin when I pull up to the scene,
King mf A,
Yellow tapes floating round’ me,
Back in the game with a frame of divine intelligence
Ahniiliate as I voilate demons in every area,
Causing mass hysteria with flows that destroy like tornados, can’t handle this rhyme then you better fold,
Sit and listen,
Watch as my aura glisten,
When I’m on the mic I ain’t missing
As I grew distant,
Cutting etheric chords is the mission,
People be begging for attention but forgot to mention,
Who the real gs are in this system !

Breaking down your genetic code,
Fast and sneaky rhyming flows,
Enlightened states, dealing with the fake, I make, divine intercession look like a piece of cake…


damn @SammyG no pressure but @King_A giving u a run for ur money


well i loved how we played in the buy/trade NFT tread… we all forget to be cheerful every once in a while.


King A is sharp like switchblades,
He the top of the line in his grade,
you and I, versatile, spitting wow,
words that disperse flames onto the crowd,
wildfire in this internet forest,
urbody in here sing to the chorus,

live to love, love to live, we live,
love to live, live to love, we love,

one love, one world and one soul,
universal beat and I bees that one flow,
visualize the eye that sees through you,
see through the ego to see new truth,
you need proof? It’s all around you,
Reality wouldn’t be here without you,
Cause it’s all you, you are it,
a humbling truth that’s hard to admit,
commit to the hum, that hum hum hum,
that runs through your heart and ya 2 eardrums,
that hum, hum, vibrating ya spirit,
Be the hum and you’ll naturally feel it

(feel pronounced fill lol)


Love fills my heart of gold,
I am the antidote,
You see me and my OG @SammyG ,
Can’t handle him or me ?
Raise your vibration and you will see,
Third eye vision dispels all the manipulation from television,
I buss 2 shots at the system,
1 for the head of the state, 2 for all this hate,
All blatant and fake,
This game has high stakes,
You a warrior or a snake,
Spiritual gangsta or snitch,
Swish, we rhyming sounds up in this bitch,
Make twists and turns in the darkness of the abyss,
The devil scared so much he gon for a piss,
When they hear the name captain Nemo,
I keep it a C-note,
Finding and mining admiring and shining, rhymes to much for your brain you Wildin,
Dropping sauces, from different sources,
serving heat on a hot platter of flatter,
Feeling empty from torsion it don’t matter,
Loop plasma and watch it rearrange the entropic scatter !




I’m not a lyrical assassin like King and Sammy but:

For the time that is not well

For the time that is not well,
When the morning dawns,
On the morrow rising,
When the birds cease to sing,
Then let us build a little shrine,
Near by the river Merrimac,
Where the waters run
As if they loved to hear
Words from heaven again;
And then let us build a little shrine,
Where birds cease to sing
To the light that is near.


:pray: :partying_face: :mage: