Do morphic fields clash?

Hi everyone, I am currently using the height booster 2.0 + other fields on YouTube to make me taller, and also changing facial structure? so listening to sapien med morphic fields + others from other YouTube channels can they clash? even if it is for the same goal?

Normally the wouldnt/shouldnt

But i know there are a lot of youtube channels specially subliminals that would program their audios with commands where only theirs work and so your subconscious starts rejecting the energy or fields from any other creator.


Best way is to try each creator on their own first to recognize the line of their work and once mixed you can tell if the combination of energies is still present.

If you are not energy sensitive then you would just know if some results start fading or stop altogether or if on the contrary the mix would enhance each other and decide from there what best works for you.