Enviromental Bovis Increaser - A Touch of The Gods

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Enviromental mandala to raise up the bovis in your home or place. This mandala ideally starts from 18k-20k, so that from then on it increases slowly, according to the condition of the environment.

Please print it for better results.


Excuse me but what does bovis mean? I was searching on Google but I got too many different results with that word


Ill quote:

Bovis units measure the energetic vibration of any living being, place or thing.

Currently, the unit of measurement in Bovis is the basis of the energy vibration measurement structure. Initially it was a research work by Alfred Bovis of French origin, who observed and studied energy vibration, both in the human body and in different altered terrestrial points, known as Geopathies. Years later, together with A. Simoneton, they expanded their knowledge and provided us with measurement tables.

Today, the Bovis unit indicates the vitality of a place, an object, food or person. And the information of this vibration tells us the quality of this energy.

The bovis is a system for measuring energy vibration. It is for this reason that these measurement parameters have been consolidated.

In this way, a healthy body vibrates in a range of 6,500 u/b. to 8,000 u/b., any measurement less than 6,000 u/b. It is considered a health problem, more or less mild. Each disease has its own vibration frequency.


Oh interesting :open_mouth: thank you very much!! :v:

I’m going to try this mandala for a while, because the energy of the place where I live is a little low or maybe there are geopathies and this seems to help


I think dragon golem can help with that, if you have it.


I’ve been using this for a while and recommending it but didn’t write a review so here it is.

Well, I’m not energy sensitive nor did I measure bovis units.

I do leave unconditional love environment saturation on when I go to sleep.

Then, I used the bovis increaser and unconditional love combo. I’m now accustomed to unconditional love environment saturation so whatever I feel must come from the bovis increaser.

This will be hard to explain. It is a bit like the scented fields by Dream. You do smell them (if they have the necessary particles and all), and the air feels different cause it has those particles or aroma.

So this was the same, except without any smell. The air was denser, warmer. Physically warmer as it is pretty cold here and I leave the window open, and the room was a lot warmer than it should. It isn’t the warmth that comes from any device or any natural source, it’s different.

So yeah, just like smelling something lets you know there are particles in the ambience, this lets you know too. There was a sort of palpable dense “particle substance” in the air.

It remind me a bit of myrrh incense but without the aroma. It’s pretty different, but similar. Similar feeling to what a good incense can do in a room.

I really like it. It gets “weaker” if using a few other environmental fields. But on its own with unconditoinal love, it is my favourite environment enhancement.

Also all this I feel is pretty physical, I have zero energetic sensitivity. So the energy can be way better than just feeling these physical shifts.

It may also work better if there is anything physical to work with like the scented fields? Like some particles, or orgone, plasma, jing energy. Something physical or close to it.

I mean, I just don’t know how it could do it otherwise. But I feel most environmental fields are capped, while this could be unlimited.

Whatever it does, it’s great. Great field by A Touch of The Gods.

And again, I feel it works right on the physical plane. It is prety obvious. It may be a protection from EMFs…the thing is I don’t know what it is or does, but the environment feels much enhanced, and stronger than unconditional love on it’s own. Also very focused and dense.

If I used some energy field to pump plasma into the environment, it seems to spread all throughout my house, and in general I don’t feel much from environmenal fields.

It may also be that A Touch of The Gods makes morphic fields instead of energy fields, or something unique. But yeah, it feels different and stronger than certain energy fields (such as ones created with Intention Repeater). Not to mention other stuff I don’t even feel anything from.

This is like using incense. It feels the most in the room it was used, and the air has a unique recognizable quality and density.

It’s probably great for manifestation or to use in the room you play fields the most.

I probably should print several and have all over the house until I get accustomed to it. Or at least in my bedroom. It makes the room feel like a sanctuary.

Sorry for the disjointed review but it is hard to explain.

Thanks for the fields ^^


Thank You for Creating This Field. :pray:

I am learning new things, as I had no idea about Bovis.

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Your welcome :pray:

It’s a beautiful world, isn’t it?

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It is/it can be.

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I’m glad it’s helping, and that you can see those kinds of results.

Thank you for your review :pray: