Field suggestion for infection

My friend has got an infection inside his nose, and the nose-upper mouth area is swollen and red…could someone please suggest a field for him to ease the swelling and pain…Many thanks :pray:

Bacteria destroyer from sapien channel

For inflammation


thank you Imogen

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Depends on what type of infection, bacterial, fungal or viral…
There are 3 fields for the 3 eventualities.

-Unlicensed dude over the internet

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-with more knowledge than some professionals

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Why not :man_shrugging:

Édit: you know how much training they go through to get a medical license ?
It’s ok, I’m still smart, I don’t need to be the best at everything


I think it is a bacterial infection…

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You can suggest this one. Imo I don’t think it’s viral most probably fungal or bacterial.
But there’s also virus disruption 2.0 at YouTube as well if necessary.

For pain this one can help in meantime. It’s a smart field that can also work in specific areas

  ------ Random guy from cosmos

nah man, I dont talk about those who put in their all, more those that go by thanks to cheating and instead help make shit worse cuz they dont know what they talk about lol


thank you Azin, will forward him the fields

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Its not a field for directly helping you but, its still good for clean air, so you breath better air in and less crap

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The UV-C one :+1: