Fields/remedies for gallstones

Hello everyone!

I’ve been searching the forum for a bit to see if there is a field or any remedy for removing gallstones. I’ve been having some issues with them lately and I’d prefer not to have my gallbladder removed via surgery. I’ve used the liver, pancreas, and gallstone detox field, but I am unsure if this would be possible to fix gallstones or help the gallbladder pass them. Thank you in advance for any advice.


There’s nothing specifically for gallstones right now but you could put a request in the requests and fields and I’m sure it will be heard.

In the meantime the fields you’re listening to are great :)


This is very risky, but some people can live with gallstones.
My mom has them for 25 years.
Again,it is Very risky to live with them.

If it is possible, a field would be welcomed (for some or even most people who have gallstones)


, athough my mom would probably not try any such field, due to her age and many health issues.

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@MrMotorad147 You’re welcome to use this - made just for you, and anyone else who may need it: gallstones - YouTube
One listen at a time, allow 1 - 2 hrs in between each listen and use as much as you like at this rate - for fast results i’d recco several times a day, as much as you can.
This field will only be active approximately 8am - 11pm EST, as it in may not work outside of those hours
This is not using any of your body’s resources, it’s a kind of etheric technology from higher dimension … spoken words over music to open up the field.
I’ll leave this up for a couple of weeks as a free trial, afterwards it’ll be available in my store.
If you’re able to report back and let us know how it worked for you, how often you used, etc would be nice :) I’m not sure but I think if you use it regularly every day within that two week period it should help – I used the same thing (except specified for kidney stones, so different than this recording) on myself for kidney stones and I could feel it working, and I don’t have that problem anymore.

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@MrMotorad147 : I can imagine that you do not want a surgery. There is one at Maitreya Fields’s patreon which is called “Liver and Gallbladder” which claims to also work on gallstones. Description mentions:

Safe breakdown and clearing out of gallstones & prevention of build up of new gallstones.

Wrt Dreams audios, indeed afaik there is no such a field.


I am part of her Patreon and have used her fields and mandalas for other things which have worked great. Didn’t realize she had that field! I never saw it mentioned on her forums. Thank you, I will give this a try along with the current field I am using


Let me know the outcome ;). Might need it one day :slight_smile:

An update to gallstones video, this now also works on kidney stones, as well as scar tissue repair and healing in those 2 areas: stones - YouTube

@ MrMotorad147 hope you can get to the root cause of the issue.

Thank you very much for sharing this!!!

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Sapien Medicine made

*Gallbladder Help

I myself use it twice, once a week.
I dont have any known gallstones and want to keep it that way. (My mother had gallstones)

Its also on Odysee