Fields to get rid of pest?

There was a rat in my house and I am absolutely terrified. I’m having trouble sleeping too because of it. I’m wondering if there is a field that can get rid of them completely so that I can live in peace and comfort.

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That’s funny how you brought it up because I’m dealing with that too.

The rat peed even on my bed. I would like to know to.

I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be, at least one that is specifically made for getting rid of pest :(

So far I been playing air revitalization field. I heard rat hate eucalyptus smell. And that field seems to have that smell to it.

So far no idea. The rat still sleeping inside my roof for years already. And it’s still there even when playing that field.

i remember i used to put cayenne, black pepper and clove herbs in a water bowl then take cottonballs and fully marinate them until the it was thick paste throughout the cottonball. Then drop them in corners or under my bed. It worked

I think theres a field that produces herb air smells

Not a field but a cat really does it for me. He’s more than willing to get rid of them, treating it like a sport lol.


All of my cats are dysfunctional. Scared of rats.


Keep in mind to disinfect your whole environment (physical with disinfectant fluid and with fields like the UV-C ones).


The rat peed again. What a mother fucking bitch it’s spread all over my walls

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I was going to say, a cat is the best answer to a rat problem. A feral cat would deal with this, not a house trained.

On another note to mention, a good friend of mine had a rat problem twice when he was living in rented accommodation and he tried everything to get rid of them (traps and poison etc.). It eventually required an exterminator in the end.

You need a cat , or rat traps the cheapest option

PI has a pest control field on his patreon. Not sure how well it works since I’ve never needed to use it. But, it’s there if you want to try it out.

A trap. I had one rat in my office & the security people caught it in a metal trap & let it out far away. It was a little one & we didn’t want it killed.