For all that own Freedom Course - Upcoming Changes

First of all, thank you Sammy and Dream for allowing me the blessing to have had a place to expand this course here after a year of doing similar projects and development. A few months ago I decided to transfer the course into its own platform so that it’s easier to expand it and I’ve been quietly working on that since the decision.

That said, the course has gone through many changes and I believe the active people in the private group can attest to that. They are following a 30-Day Challenge which has gotten us some phenomenal stories. The main goal is to make me as irrelevant in the process as possible.

The point of the course is so that people have the choice to let go of the feelings that don’t allow them to have their ideal state of being, create mental control to have the choice on what to think, and introduce them to their Self and the aspects of that which follow.

My main enjoyment in this is seeing someone from what would be a relatively “normal” walk of life and their recognition that they can experience these things and improve their lives as they wish. The stories are always cool to hear.

Freedom Course Members

Price Changes:

The course will be at a different price point and one of the things I have to address is the fairness in these changes. Most of you have purchased the initial course (Freedom) for a higher price point than the new one upcoming ($111). This was decided through advice received by consulting with peers that understand the plan I have for this long term.

I believe it is extremely unfair to make these changes and not accommodate those of you that invested on the initial course. To be fair, I have decided to not only include more for what you already have but also to give an opportunity in case you wish to move to the mental focus and goals course for a discount at any future time you wish.

The current price points are $333 for Freedom and $222 for Private Group (Goals).

The upcoming changes will be the same total amount but Freedom is now $111 and Creation (Goals) is $444.

So to confirm, anyone that has ever purchased the Freedom course for $333, will receive a lifelong coupon that your upgrade will only cost $111 saving you $111 in the upgrade instead of the total expense being $555. This includes being part of the new changes the course structure has as well.

Only need to contact me directly to create the link for it and the email you used so I can check the list.

Just to clarify, instead of investing $444 for the Creation (Goals) course, you have a life-long coupon for when you’re ready which will only need a $111 investment (instead of $444).

If you were part of of the Focused Group, you do not need to worry about this. Only people that have only invested in the Freedom Course.

Changes in the Courses

Freedom Changes:

  • New field as core of the processes
  • Fully remade all videos in a cleaner format and cleaner audio
  • The end experience is very clear and allows you to have total independence
  • Freedom Course Telegram to participate in a community for support and have an accountability place for 30 Day Challenges.
  • Seasonal Video meetups (dependent on demand, might be monthly)

Creation (Replacement of Private Group):

  • Two new fields that streamline the purpose of the course
  • 9 core videos to have the basis of the process (Mental focus and Goal work)
  • Creation course Telegram group for support and Power Months accountability
  • Power Months: We will participate as a group in goal focused months where we hold the accountability on a focus we chose and progress on them according to the structure of the process.
  • Power Months meetups: when in session will have weekly video meetups.

Lastly, there will be a third and final course, which I decided to call Singularity:

This course is still in development as I only like presenting things that have been through exhaustive testing on myself and others, to make sure whoever uses that information will receive a tried and “trued” objective result.

In my experience of creating these things, with enough focus, it should be anywhere between 3-6 months until it is complete.

Transferring To The New Platform

The process should be automatically done in a few hours. My main priority in the next few days is make sure that everyone that is supposed to have access is able to get into the course.

You will receive an email (same email you bought the course with) asking you to register for the platform. In the platform, you’ll find the new course and a link to join the Telegram as well.

If I miss anyone, please let me know so that I can correct that. To make sure I cover everyone, I will update the Course in the Enlightened States with links so that everyone is aware of the changes. This will be up for a few days and then taken down from the Enlightened states site.

For anyone interested in the course:

(If you get an error, working on it with the company that host my site)


I just bought contentment field from woven world series …Same price… doesn’t it do the same thing as freedom field ?

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No different fields and it’s a whole course dedicated to learning a set a skills.

But I can directly say this, I am fanboy’ing over Woven Worlds lately, my experience is that it’s a direct tool to manifest what’s it’s designed to do.

The Unexpected Gifts one has given me multiple surprises already.


What is the main goal for this course? Will we be able to create morphic fields by ourselves?

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You can check out the link in the bottom that explains everything.

Thanks for the interest.

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All members should have received an email with their login

(Check your Spam just in case)


Hi Angel. I currently don’t have so much time to work on the freedom course but I saw there’s a new field. Is it the same as the light collapser and can I already use it without following the updated course already?

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Yep you can use it, it’s similar but a lot more areas are covered.

Go ahead and download it from the course when you wish and you can comb through the course at your pace.

You’re welcome to join the telegram as well.

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All right I will, cheers! :)

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Will the light collapser and the other save state series still work?

I think I migrated without issues :).

For me it wasn’t in spam but in the advertisement section


Most definitely, although most of the save state are in the new field also :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

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In the scale of emotions pdf under the first “Instructions” page the light collapser is still mentioned.

“At this point you should either have the light collapser printed or…” and so on.

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Wow this is awesome. :smiley:
Freedom course for only 111 dollars - guys if you want to make rapid progress on your spiritual path get this now. Total bargain :money_mouth_face:

@Angelgome Thank you for your work and for the coupon (that’s an unexpected gift for me :smiley:) I’m going to get the second part of the course soon and I’m looking forward to explore it.


This course was great to begin with but the new design and improvements make it that much better 10/10 would recommend


I’ll look into it! Thanks


Corrected along the typo in the following pages.

Thanks for the help


I second this. The first iteration of the course already had procured me with more changes in my life in a short time than anything else but the new course’s redesign is pure gold.

I can’t recommend it enough and while I generally dislike these types of sentences that sound gimmicky, it is truly life changing :smiley:


hey @Angelgome, does one need to do any visualization for any of practices in the freedom course?

Definitely not. It’s all focused on learning to feel inside yourself and working on that until you find truth within yourself.