For all that own Freedom Course - Upcoming Changes

Hi Angel, So good to know about the new platform.
I had bought this course for $333 in March … I haven;t received any email post that.
I just realized about this change. Currently I am using the LC & other fields which I have downloaded before.
Can you please guide me how to proceed further … ? And how to access on new platform. Thanks a lot … !

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Sending a PM

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Freedom course is free now!

Though I’m still going through the course, it’s worth your time!


@Angelgome , thanks for this man. You’re awesome!


The credit card part😞 won’t allow me to download


I just went through it and while I had to put my credit card number down it let me go through the course and I wasn’t charged. But let me check, I’ll get back to you :heart:


Why it asks for a credit card number for a free product is the part that I don’t get. A credit card number is a significant piece of personal information to be handing out for no reason.


Until recently it wasn’t free and the other courses aren’t. I’m just speculating but it’s possible Angel has simply put the charge at 0$ because it was the quickest thing to do (he did the website himself and is not a website designer). I’ve sent him word, I’m sure it’ll get fixed shortly :slight_smile:

But in my opinion, it’s not exactly for no reason. It’s to get an immensely beneficial course. I paid the original price of 330$ and it was worth every single penny (I would have easily paid more if I’d understood the amazing benefits I was going to reap). There is nothing nefarious going on here, most companies these days aren’t particularly ethical and sell costumer information. This is not one of them, it’s just an individual who worked very diligently on something that turned out so beneficial to those who have used it, that he has decided to give it for free so it might hopefully help more :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to suggest that anything “nefarious” was going on.

And I should have been more clear when I was talking about “for no reason” and meaning “for no reason for me.” Part of the way I handle my own cyber security is by weighing the risks of giving out my personal information. I understand that not everyone does this (although if you’ve ever used a website that’s later been hacked, you might understand why I do).

Anyway, this is a side discussion that really has no bearing on the course itself.


Thank you for taking the time to explain :slight_smile: The way information is now ubiquitous a commodity is problematic to say the least (I wish people would be more discerning) and I’m also very cautious around giving my information when it’s not warranted too so I completely understand your point of view. I suppose I leaped into protective mode because this course has been very dear to me :joy: No matter how careful I am not to make assumptions, I find myself making them like I’m drinking water hahaha.

Edited: I just heard back from Angel, he hadn’t found out how to give access without that step. I suggested he makes the course pay what you can (sadly most people don’t appreciate what’s free and to be clear that comment is not directed at you, from our interactions that’s not the impression I got) I don’t know if it’ll require a credit card when the option is 0 though.

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(As an aside and completely off topic, if I may: part of your charm, at least that’s visible to me, is how deeply you care about the things you care about.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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The course has the Pay what you want option now.

This is the easiest I can make it at the moment.

It’s free or whatever you wish to contribute to upkeep the page. My reasoning for doing this is explained in the first video of the course.

I did all I wanted in this space that I wish to share publicly and applying everything I got in the process to other goals.

If you join the telegram, there’s enough people and stories to show its effectiveness.


Ah what a lovely thing to read :heart: < cue to We Care A Lot" > by Faith No More hahahahah

I do hope you’ll take the course, a bit selfishly I’ll admit, would love to talk about it with you hihihi


The testimonials here do a good job of that too haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Truth :upside_down_face:

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For anyone in the US.

Control where, when, and how much you can be charged.

Privacy gives you control over who can charge you and how much. Create virtual payment cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions, directly from your browser. Set spend limits, pause, unpause, and close cards any time you want

A beautiful thing.


Wow, cool! Thanks. I had not heard of them or this type of thing before. Thanks for sharing that!


Paypal enabled.


What a birthday present. Thank you @Angelgome


Happy birthday bro! My pleasure, enjoy it.

Did some upgrades to field recently to make it easier on people but the work is always a must. Skill based courses afterall.



The site got an update and messed up the auto enrollment process for the last 5-6 people that enrolled in the course.

I added you manually and fixed the issue. You should receive an email with your credentials.