Forum guidelines for beginners

Hello friends.

I think itd be good to offer some guidance for new comers to navigate the forum so we can link this whenever we see it suitable.

For all new members, welcome!

First this post has all the links for the channels, pages, main website, Sapien Stores, FAQ, etc

Welcome to the Sapien Medicine Forum!

Or if you quickly want to check about the forum only, who are the Adms and Moderators click/touch on Sapien Medicine name then on whatever you want info of:

Lets understand the top line of options:

If you click on the white circle :white_circle: it takes you to the enlightenedststes website (Sapien’s official website)

If you click on the yellow circle :yellow_circle: it takes you straight to Sapien Medicine channel on Youtube.

If you click on the blue circle :large_blue_circle: the magnifying glass takes you to the searching bar where you can type anything you want more info, testimonials, advices etc regarding for instance videos on YouTube channels, or specific items like tags, mandalas, clothing, or other items from the creator, or a physical condition, illness, goal etc youd like suggestions on what fields can help you solve them etc (we have pretty much posts for everything)

While reading or after reading if you have questions, you can ask right there under each post, or reply to the original poster or any other member.

If you dont see any post about what you are looking for then you may start one (ill show you where and how in the next part)

If you touch the red color (the 3 lines) it takes you to the posts in the forum:

Latests posts
Unread (the ones you havent read)
New (new posts)
The different categories of posts
(The other options youll learn as you use the forum)

If you want to create a new post (kindly make sure you have searched if something talking about what you want is already discussed in a post, and comment or ask only in that post, theres no need for you to make a new post feeling people could see it more, we see all the comments under existing posts, all of them, we dont miss anything; that way we dont spam the forum with the same questions and better have most of all information in one place) :slightly_smiling_face:

  • no question is silly, feel at home and welcome to ask anything.

  • participate as much as you want just please make sure you are not derailing the subject of the post, or spamming with chich chat, under General Discussion category you can talk all you want lol

  • Dream (Sapien, the creator) thinks of everybody, the audios on his 3 channels and other stuff in his Instagram are powerful and free. But he also creates legendary items, unique special more powerful fields/audios that have a price.

Dont feel bad if your budget cant afford at the time to buy them, and you still want guidance from the members about how to heal something through the Youtube channels or Patreon, in other words still ask in the forum how could you achieve your goals through the free fields in the mean time.
But please dont request any member to send you or exchange payable fields. Nor share them/sell them outside your direct family.

  • Patreon has majority of the audios from Sapien Medicine channel and Dream Seeds to download as Mp3 plus some exclusive ones. For just 4.5usd a month you can have access to them plus support the Sapiens team work.

Theres a post here in the forum with the direct links to the audios on Patreon for easy access

Patreon Uploads List

The audios on the Energetic Alchemy Channel are not on patreon except for like 2 of them, majority of them are on Amazon to download for like 3 to 8 usd

Sapien Medicine on Amazon for teas, t-shirts and music

Have fun!! Happy healing, success and ascension :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


This is my first time seeing the “About” section😂
Took me 5 mins to find it on laptop


I know we’re supposed to say more than “Great post!” but this really is a helpful and well-presented resource.

Setting my intentions to the Universe that people read and use it!


Thanks Luna for doing this for newcomers :wink:


Luna, I will refer the entire Russian-speaking community to your post :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Now we just have to bookmark this so we can link it :joy::joy:

Thank you!


And they will not work 100% :slight_smile:
Believe me, this issue has been figured out and solved, and some things have been tested.
Don’t try to justify yourself with different models.
You can make up analogs to the paid fields by using slightly longer field combinations, adding the Main Plasma Field to them.
Respect Sapien and his astounding and not easy work.


Done :upside_down_face: