Free stacks for Paid fields

Well, the idea of this topic is to gather information on Free stacks that could potentially replace Paid fields, since not many of us are from 1st world countries in which dollars are abundant, or able to spend that much money on fields and free stacks, this could be the only way to access certain effects from paid fields.

If you have any idea on how a certain Paid field could be replaced by a Free stack, please post it here.

Sometimes Paid fields have on their description which free fields they include, which is really helpful, sometimes it does not.

Sometimes Paid fields cannot be replaced by ANY free field.

Sometimes Paid fields can be replaced by free fields but there is not specifics on how to. This topic is for those kind of fields.

This could help many people on forums looking for guidance.



Its not a matter of paid stacks vs free stacks, just mention the paid field u want and ask for what replacement fields can be used for that paid field

dont turn it too a stack vs paid field type thing


Why not? I think it is okay to have a topic for it rather than searching and asking in too many topics.