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i just printed the „field“ with photo-paper and laminated it like it is seen on the picture I uploaded. Is it okay like this?

Would be happy for a short answer, thanks :slight_smile:


Yep I can feel it :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley:



I only felt a little bit before having permission and seeing the picutre didnt do much until I said activate, but even there only a little bit happened, then I got permission to the field, and the difference is that collapsing is more intenser and works faster, the field itself is more intenser to be felt, there was a concept you wanted to work on or feeling and it instantly got rid of it and you were free to do the next one and so on, it works extremly fast, not unlike before where I didnt have the rights to use it


And how does one do it?

What do you mean ?

He is referring to the protection in the Field.

If a person hasn’t bought the course or received the field from me, they won’t get much or anything at all.

Nothing to think about :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh okay I understand :) so because I bought this course, I don’t need to think about it.

I wish you all a great day or evening


@Angelgome had a question I’m on my 2nd to last tasks

When intending a goal with the focused session, do we do this only once for each goal?

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Nope. I believe I explained this in the lesson and talk about in task 4. You continue the process until it is done.

Think of it as watering a plant and your plant is the goal.

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Copy, check dms if you are free really quick, actually I’m good I figured it out

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I would like someone to shed some light or information on the purpose and idea behind collapsing concepts. From my understanding it is to release what isn’t you/any limitations or boxes you put yourself in and integrate yourself in the “I” so you can be in the present instead of being in constant inner turmoil or conflict. It frees up mental space. So I’m assuming affirmations or subliminals get in the way as they are just creating more polarities?

Also Just curious, is this in any way in conflict with conceptual realizations?

Lastly, Is it ok to print the field in black and white?


Printed it just now feels powerful but do you guys feel it’s energy?


I’m only on task 2 at the moment, so I welcome any additional input. The way I understand it, is that by collapsing the polarities, it essentially unifies them and we can build from the pure unified concept. The first purpose of collapsing is to clear our mind of compulsive thought patterns that arise from duality-based thinking, and then when you shed all those layers you are left with a void that is essentially a fertile ground for infinite potentialities. Then when we do hold a certain concept in our mind, we can think from pure unified concepts, instead of going back-and-forth between the extremes in the polarities.

I believe that we will get to a point where affirmations and subliminals can be used as pure concepts, instead of introducing more polarities and trigger compulsive mental patterns. To that point, conceptual realizations should work beautifully in tandem with the Light Collapser.

Please someone correct me if I got this completely wrong, I will edit my post to prevent any misinformation.


Try to print in thick papers which are used to print photos and laminate it (exact size as the photo) It’s easier to carry or even to sleep with. Yours looks too fragile

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That’s great thank you for sharing your definition :grin:

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@Dreamweaver how long does the light collapser stay activated for after you activate it? And is it possible to give it tasks while you sleep such as “work with my higher self and collapse the concepts he deems most important for me in the order of highest to least?”


As said in between the course and I goes into more details when talking about goals, no topic is one topic and so when you collapse a topic and it’s polarities it stops the compulsive behavior of your mind which is why the mental silence kicks in.

Or an experiment you can run is to use your subliminals with the light Collapser so that you release and collapse the suggestion it’s giving. Chances will be that you will have less to no resistance what they do. If you’re going to use subliminals, make sure you trust what you’re putting into your mind.

Should be. Test.

Yes sir, it’s there. :raised_hands:t4:


Bingo again!

Until you deactivate it or put it away.

Give it a try you’ll be surprised :wink:


So we can put it on phone case and wallet, don’t have to have it on our hands all the time to activate it at as long as it’s near us?

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