Freedom Course Students Insight

Hi! I thought it might be useful to have a thread dedicated to each other’s insights with the course. It’s something so wonderful but new, it seems there would be much benefit in sharing our mutual findings :smiley:

I’ll start with mine. Some of these are mentioned in the course (but worth repeating IMO), some may seem obvious (but also worth repeating haha) and some has been the result of conversations I have had with others who do Freedom/Journey To The Light, but also in the Telegram group (for those that first bought the course). My intent was to give credit but I don’t really know at this point what’s what, so just know that much of this is the culmination of a group effort hahaha. I probably forgot some stuff, will add it if I remember anything :smiley:

  • Just a reminder upon starting the course to collapse resistance to the course/Light Collapser (and also to fields!). I also found that I needed to re-do it every once in a while. Da resistance! She is sneeeaky!

  • For those new to the course, going through the entire course before starting is worth doing. I didn’t at first and when I did I noticed that things mentioned later down the road clarified my thoughts, but it also gave me a better idea of the scope of what I was heading towards.

  • The field is VERY responsive to intent. Words don’t really matter. As one must, of course I tried with swearwords but also gestures (like the pew pew! gun fingers I mentioned in my testimonial) and it all works! Experimenting with that has been a great way to have fun and keep things fresh. There is also no need to say activate. Just intending it does the trick.

  • Releasing all (or at least most) resistance to a goal before working on it makes for a much smoother ride. I learned this the hard way a few times. Productive, but unpleasant. Which is obvious in hindsight but I hadn’t seen.

  • While all components of the course have been tremendously useful, I want to give a special mention to the ILL meditation. On days where I don’t do it, there is a HUGE difference. Falling asleep while being in that state has had astounding effects on my daily life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 6/5 would buy again :stuck_out_tongue:

  • When something is confused or the next thing to work on doesn’t come up, etc., word association has been a lot of fun with the field activated. Some words have more bite and collapsing them and their offspring leads to much progress.

  • There seems to be levels to the I. A bit like observing can get really meta during meditation (the observer observing the observer observe which can feel a bit like Russian dolls) the I seems to have strata. Like higher octaves of the same note. So not because I feel a shift in state means it’s the end state.

  • Unsurprisingly, Plasma Light works amazingly well when focusing on goals/manifestations. @Reform mentioned that he used Torsion, hopefully he’ll want to expand on that

  • Something that helped me is to make a list of things to release in order of importance. As a result of collapsing/releasing, things can pop out left and right and it’s possible to lose sight of the main goals. Something pops up, I evaluate where it goes on the list, add it and forget it for the time being.

  • To make sure that I don’t use the course as a crutch but rather a tool to integrate, I work on releasing/collapsing without the field. I do keep it near most of the time for its passive work, but I make a point of not having it with me at times.


These have been doubly important with this process (and again, some are mentioned in the course but worth repeating):

  1. being mindful
  2. accepting where I am at while striving to evolve
  3. releasing judgments (with a special emphasis on progress and how things “should” feel)
  4. trusting the process
  5. focusing on results
  6. having fun!!

When hitting a big block I could get really frustrated at times and become dogged about seeing progress. The latter would have been fine but for the fact that I was putting my focus on the problems rather than the solutions. I’d judge myself for not going faster, not experiencing things like I thought I should (or as I felt was described in the course), which lead to falling back into old traps like confusion and powerlessness. Which, of course, slowed progress.

Or conveyed simply, I’d be like this:


During such times, going through that list has been very helpful to remember I have solutions. Some of the times that I assumed I was stuck or even going backwards actually turned out to be very productive.

The reason I added “while striving to evolve” at #2 is that sometimes accepting where I am at became complacency. Using a mentality of “maybe I’m simply not able to do that right now and I have to respect it” to set an attitude of limitation and give up on certain issues.

One thing I mentioned in another thread is the importance to question with an open mind (as opposed to second guessing) and trusting intuition (as opposed to assuming). Which brings me to releasing judgments. For example: because I don’t feel the emotions while going through The Scale of Emotions, initially I thought it wasn’t working. By paying attention I was able to feel other things that could be monitored for progress and had to remember to focus on results. Do I have progress? Yes. Then IT DOESN’T MATTER :stuck_out_tongue: At the same time, it’s been important to keep an open mind about it and not assume that I won’t ever feel them. So back to #1 and the need for mindfulness so I can observe myself and not assume. Either that I’m stuck or that I’m further than I actually am because my ego needs validation.


I noticed that the course is doing something amazing, it is changing how I think in my daily life. Most notable are these three things that have such a profound impact on how I view life and that I wish to fully integrate:

  1. putting aside the why, how and when to focus on progress. Indulging in these questions for fun but not to the detriment of evolution (thanks to @Jonathan for making me realise the importance of this!),

  2. getting to the I and maintaining it,

  3. remembering that I am always a pew-pew! away from releasing the undesired. There are no problems, only potential releasing. Which is a great excuse to use this meme again!

All The Things


When feeling a lot of “brain pressure” that makes it hard to think or focus, the Save States don’t seem to work, and/or not feeling anything when collapsing, might be worthwhile to try grounding. If you are already doing grounding as part of your playlist I’d recommend moar grounding! With the course I have found grounding activities (as opposed to only grounding fields) especially beneficial because it takes me out of my head. As part of grounding activities, pets have been tremendous. It’s the perfect mix of not being in the mind while immersed in love that hits a sweet spot for me.

I’d suggest to add overwhelm to the list of things to collapse. I have greatly increased my capacity for fields this way. But sometimes it pops up again and it’s not high on my list so I do grounding and release when I get there.


As part of being dogged, sometimes I just didn’t let myself breathe and it stopped being fun. I have found it really useful at times to take a step back and only release on the spot with the field for a while (great time to practice releasing without the field too). Sometimes, this lead to epiphanies that were very useful but also allowed I get back to it with a playful attitude.

Whenever I notice frustration or judgments creeping back in and I have trouble getting centered, I go do something else (especially something manual and/or creative). I wait until I feel a pull to go back, which so far is never long.

It’s a bit like spending a lot of time with a best friend: you love that fucker to bits, you have fun and it helps you grow but at one point you just need some space, you know? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I was hesitant to add this because I don’t want to create the expectation that it will happen. If you’re not sure what I mean by stumbling, just skip this part as these may not be the droids you are looking for :P

But if anyone goes through this, I figured they might find benefit in reading that it’s ok but more importantly that the (sometimes irritating) phrase “this too shall pass” is especially true with this course :stuck_out_tongue:

A tendency that is easy to have, especially when in a lower state that may be the impetus to find the course, is to want for a new solution to be a miracle that will remove all problems without any resistance. And because of that, we can set ourselves up for disappointment and big time frustration. With this course, especially with having incredible improvements so fast, at times I was very intolerant of resistance (internal and external). Going from states of lightness and bliss to back in the trenches of perceived suffering was tough. That’s how I came up with the list above, as a going back to the basics to center myself. Eventually, I got to a place where I knew I could trust the process but also trust myself and it’s been so much easier since!

If you are going through one of these phases, I just want to assure you that this system does work. I have been on the wellness road for a quite a while and this is one of the very few tools I have encountered that provides consistent notable results. But sometimes it’s important to take a breath, remember to be gentle with ourselves and go back to the basics!

My PM box is always open, if you need someone to talk to, feel free to touch base :)

Looking forward to reading other’s insights :D


Amazing work!

All of this is essential things we all have learned to keep in mind in the progression of the course.


< cue to Also Sprach Zarathustra intro music >


Since I started the course, I could feel energy moving but couldn’t feel emotions per say. The results were there, so I put it out of my mind.

However, while I was doing a session today on an issue, something felt different. I latched onto that sucker and it bloomed into an emotion! So I started saying different emotions out loud and was able to experience them with ease :slight_smile:

Based on the theory that brain inflammation was at the source of that block, I listened to Nerve Inflammation Help, Brain Antioxidant Complex, Nerve Stimulation and Healing twice or thrice every morning and every night as I fell asleep for the last 10 days (approximately). I also did more grounding (Angel’s most recent Energy And Emotional Awareness has a role to play because of it’s astounding grounding effect).

So if you can’t feel emotions during sessions, it might be worth trying! I can’t guarantee it’ll work (and the time needed for it to work may vary, depending on how overwhelmed one’s nervous system is and/or the work already done to soothe it) but nothing to lose! :smiley:

If you do try, whether or not it works, I would very much appreciate you drop me a line (either here or via PM) to let me know, this is information of interest for a project I am working on :slight_smile:


I feel you’re upon something.
And I’m hoping on the train as well :grinning:

I’ve just added Myofascia Release and Anointing (I feel there is something as well with this) and Hydrogen to this stack.

Something I’ve had great results with as well is daily meditations with the I Love Light Fountain (ILL) and/or starting sessions with a Love intent.

It does feel that as long as we do not have access to a pure I on-demand, we are coloring the intent of feeling and corrupting the feeling space with our own intent.



Woohoo! Looking forward to what we will come up with :slight_smile:
I’ll add Hydrogen as well, good idea! (don’t have Myofascia).

Yes! After you suggested starting sessions with a Love intent in the group (great insight btw), I started doing it with various things and it makes everything better hahahah. It’s like segment intending but with love hahaha The main difference is in feeling great of course (and feeling connected), but with art for instance it seems to bring into a state of flow that makes things go smoothly.


Could this be replaced with Plasma Brain of Youth? I started running this daily again after an insight by @Amber3 :ok_hand:

I can be an alternative testing group to see if PBoY has the same effect haha

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PBoY is for the brain only but this stack covers nerve inflammation/damage for the entire body.

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Yes PBoY wouldn’t fully replace the stack, but the reason I asked was because Amber specifically mentioned brain inflammation as the reason for the block.

I will continue with PBoY first, we can compare experiences later :+1:

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I haven’t used that field and can’t pretend to understand all that it does, but prima facie my impression is that a more youthful regenerated brain would absolutely have less inflammation. I am currently studying (and have been for a little while) the mechanisms of Inflammation and like most things, it’s a negative feedback loop, but I’m not quite understanding yet the intricate relation between brain and body inflammation.

But I would tend to say that no matter the case, the most important thing when reducing inflammation is adopting thought/emotion patterns that are not prone to induce inflammation (because we can reduce inflammation all we want if we keep engaging in the same patterns that created it, it’ll just keep getting created) which is why I won’t lie, having people doing the Freedom Course willing to test this is nothing short of amazing for me!

Much gratitude to you guys, this means a LOT to me :smiley: :heart: :heart:

From a data perspective, it’s really cool to have you test just PBoY (I’m sorry am I the only one that is childish enough to chuckle while writing that? :joy:)


I’ve been practising releasing things while I’m with people and it’s been really exciting! On a few occasions where I have felt myself reacting negatively to what someone says*, when I release it (especially combined with being in the I) the whole interaction completely changes!

It is absolutely wonderful! :smiley:

Behold, we make all things new! :joy: < does jazz hands >

*the absolutely hilarious thing is that one time I noticed a reticence to releasing it because part of me wanted to indulge in the inner drama :joy: so I double zapped it :stuck_out_tongue: