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When it comes to the application of the course, this might be the most “hands on” thread.

Any questions or any help that you might need with the tasks you’re welcome to post here.

I’ll be paying close attention to this one



So for task 2 when integrating the concepts of self you are supposed to let the feeling in and allow the whole emotion or topic to process? Or are you supposed to collapse it right after?

I’ve also done the first parts of task 2 (not moving onto collapsing emotions), 3 times just because I wasn’t sure if i genuinely got to the feeling of knowing “I am I” and the other states or if it was fabricated by the mind since I knew beforehand that it was the end goal.(I also brought up my doubts during the process while the field was activated)

To answer your first question let’s get through this first.

This is the part I had most fun in, so if you went through the process and you’re left with I and nothing else just a deep quiet sense and just you being there. Also not to worry a few others that never had experience with this went through this as well. Part of the fun.

You should have access to the command to say “I” with the field activate and it will put you to that state.

Once there is that you begin the process of collapsing other concepts with it, example:

Say “I”, get into the state.

Say (your name), the field will create what that feels like.

Say “I” again to neutralize the polarity.

So the formula is be in the state > bring up concept > use the state to collapse.


Got it, so when we allow the field to create the feeling do we immerse ourselves in that feeling and then collapse it? Or the moment it comes up we collapse it? And thank you :blush:


Good question.

No need to entertain it past the fact that you feel it and then just quickly collapse it.

Regardless just by mere focus it will begin to collapse but saying “I” again just speeds it up intensely.


Keep something in mind, especially after waking up at times, when you use the “I” command. Be with it for a moment until you are fully immersed in it. There might be a bit of releasing/collapsing that will happen in the beginning and then you’ll just snap in.


Anyone else feel a sensation in their head after a long session?


Tends to happen in the beginning will balance out the more you focus on Love :slight_smile:


I have a question regarding task 1. You advised for people who are mostly in their heads to close our eyes, drop our heads and focus on our torso.
While going through the scale of emotions, almost all of my sensations are felt in my head, usually it’s like a pulsating pressure. This pressure is quite consistently there while doing the work, sometimes it intensifies. Because of this, I am not quite sure when to move on to the next emotion. I did the whole scale once through, it took me about 3 hours total (did a few sessions). I felt a definitive change when I reached courageousness, my whole body was buzzing. But I still wasn’t sure when to move on to the next emotion.

Should I focus on the sensations in my head and fully experience those, instead of directing my focus to my torso? And is there value in doing the scale of emotions a few times, in order to get myself better acquainted with the feeling of releasing?


Nah bro, you did it correctly. You FELT in your head but you weren’t caught in the thinking of the situation as I understood your message.

The point is to switch from the mental chatter to the feeling of the situation. Three hours is cool since you had some breaks.

As I said in the course, results is all that matter.

The focus on the torso tends to start there but gives you the ability to focus on feeling itself wherever it pops. A few more sessions and you’ll be able to just feel with your mind silently observing even with your eyes open.

Little heads up :upside_down_face:

You’ll be doing a deeper version in task 2.

The point of all this is to prove that you can release the emotion just by using the field and saying it out loud. Seeing how it creates the situation and then lets it go.

You’ve done nothing wrong and you’ll get better with practice.

I would say go on ahead and get the experience of task 2 and things will clear up a lot.


Side note:

Thanks for being involved guys. Once the 1:1 sessions are done and with the questions you are asking the troubleshooting session will be helping many going forward.


You’re right, I didn’t have mental chatter come up, it was just sensation :+1:

Thank you, appreciate it!


:raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: You got it then.

Keep up the work. Enjoy the next steps, it’s about to get fun.


I was having some difficulty with the field/course and wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or if it wirked in general considering I already did the belief breakdown that was suggested right at the beginning. I dm’d angel and he was very helpful with my issues and helped me break down some more beliefs that really helped me with feeling instead of “thinking” I am feeling. I will give task 1 another attempt when I have some time available and give an update as to how it went.
Thanks Angel


Do you mind sharing the other beliefs that helped you with feeling instead of “thinking” I am feeling? I think I have some of the same problem as well




You weren’t wrong, I took my time doing task 2 and collapsed some more intruding thoughts while doing it, I’m having a lot of fun with it! Once I calibrated to my own personal sensations of the field doing its work, I really got connected to the process. Going back to task 1 while using ‘I’ to collapse was great, but I was completely wiped out afterwards. Couldn’t really lift my head anymore haha.

I’m in a coffeeshop right now with the field activated, collapsing while out and about. This is really great, thanks so much for the course. Eager to work on tasks 3 and 4!



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Hey, so i want to start the task 1. One question pops up… Iam German. Do I need to speak the emotions in German to release them, or in english?


I’m not a native English speaker, and I just did it in English. Seemed to work just fine, but I haven’t tested using my native language. Would be interesting to test the scale of emotions again!