Freedom Course Testimonials

So for my favorite part of this whole process… Story time!

I will be sharing some of my stories in here as well so can’t wait to hear what you guys do :slight_smile:

Share your stories here :smiley:


Just finished task 1 this evening of going through the scale of emotions. I was feeling little sensations going through the list, but when I said abandoned and inadequate i got hit with a heavy wave of sadness and tears came pouring out. After I felt it was finished, I tested again “activate” “abandoned” nothing came up. That’s really incredible.

Allowing the rest of the night to integrate this. Looking forward to moving onto the next task.

I love the simplicity of the Light Collapser

Thank you @Angelgome happy bday!

And of course @Dreamweaver


Thank you so much for your story man. I love hearing them!

I’m glad you found this as cool as the testers did.

Wait till you do Task 2… especially Task 1 Part 2 :wink:

Thank you man!!


I usually never post in here but this one was worth it. I just finished going through the Scales of Emotions, and I was left feeling lighter than ever. Releasing all feelings attached to each category was extremely simple and felt effortless. At times I had to remind myself to continue, as I got caught up on the release itself. My body vibrated lightly; yet more and more as I went down the list. It was a remarkable experience.

Some of the words did not have as big of an impact as failure, abandoned, and insecure, which is not surprising considering these are things I know are my weaknesses. I went back and activated the field again, focusing on these three emotions specifically, and noticed the shift in energy.

Thanks for providing us with this wonderful tool @Angelgome :raised_hands:t4:


I feel that. I literally fell asleep at one point :joy:


Almost done running through the last topic for task 1. The amount of focus I’ve gained already from this course is crazy. It hasn’t even been 24 hours.

PSA: Don’t let the drama make you think this doesnt work


I’m so confused of wanting to get this one or the healing course but at the same time I want to get a new fone :sob: hard choice :rofl:


To be completely honest I’d get this course. I haven’t felt like this since 2011


Please address your issue to the appropriate parties. ie Sammy and Angelgome
Thank you.


Thank you too :ok_hand:

Just used this to remove the charge from porn and masturbation urges. The power is finally back in my hands


I can’t wait to start, still need to print it because I can’t watch the video on my smartphone while having the picture open.


My 3-day review:

Feeling immense gratitude for everyone at the origin of this creation: Angel, Captain, Sammy and OM for bringing the foundations of this work to this community.

Again, same roots, different approach, not EoT.
Much simpler, smoother and adapted to a wider audience.

Those last few nights, while I have not realized the I yet, I have accessed levels of peace & joy that I have only experienced on a few rare occasions.

I have gone through the process of Satori myself, then SEE, then EoT and despite the progress, it would always send me into blocks & traumas…

I’ve had good results over time, but always had to will myself into it and not force my system too much.

The experience so far with the Freedom Course and the Light Collapser is way different, and I feel the core of my being has drastically evolved in only 3 days.

Other fields are also experienced stronger and I’ve let go of most of the seeking.

I would genuinely trade 90% of my NFTs for the Light Collapser.


Wow! Thank you for the testimonial


The first day of processing I felt much lighter internally than I have for a long time. The day after that I felt more normal but it could just be that it became my baseline. I am having some difficulty completing one of the tasks in the course at the moment but the impact and value I can see this course and tool having in my life is tremendous. I’ve gone through many many courses on releasing like the Sedona method and others but they’ve always taken a lot of time, produced not as much results as I desired and were not long term. I’ll be keeping my eye out for other results and see if they are long term. But right now I’m just excited for the possibilities to come. Thank you everyone that made this possible.


I have to say, the I Love meditation is one of the most important maintenances in this course.
Though I have been between tasks 3 and 4 everything has been going smoothly since adding the I love meditation.

It truly leaves me centered for the rest of the day and while continuing to do task 3 intentions with no worry

Will do this daily for 18 minutes a day since I’m 18 haha.


Welcome to what keeps me easily in balance.

Good work man, keep enjoying it and it will get easier. We’ll do your session soon.


Freedom Course Testimonial

Dealing with a challenging time

Going through what just happened I had no choice but to practice what I preach. As this began to unfold, many things happened inside of me from clusters of feelings, beliefs got triggered I didn’t know about, and even became a physically debilitating time.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Release and Collapse

In the beginning I wanted to react but from
habit the first thing I do is release everything before I act on anything.

I sat for a few hours, reading on and off what was being said, and just kept releasing.

Once I got to a semblance of my balance. I still felt off so I did the next thing.

  1. The main meditation

I did 3x 30 min sessions in there and the first two were full of thoughts but the usual happened, you keep going and then you get back to silence.

  1. Give what you wish to receive

I spent a few sessions sending love to the main person that created my triggers. Just kept doing it as things developed until I felt It wasn’t important anymore.

  1. Set my intention

I broke down my sessions as follows:

“What’s the problem right now?”

I kept asking that until I went silent.

“What do I want right now?”

Continued until silent.

“What would I rather have?”

The answer was: For truth to come out and resolve the situation

I made an “I allow” and “I am accepting” statement and cleared them until it wasn’t important and I had them.

  1. Held my intention

I did a 30 min session and just let it go.

At the end of everything, I felt calm and allowed for the usual. Take action when it seems natural to do so.

I thanked the Captain and confirmed that this works exactly as I hope as I wish to have a tool for myself to use in my process as well.

This is why you guys can’t follow me as a “teacher” but more as an instructions manual for a tool as I’m still on my own process.

The fact that I have a lot of hours in this and I can make these type of tools doesn’t mean much. So get excited to follow your own journey.

What’s next?

I’m going to take a few days to go back to the place where I learned all this stuff and mesh into the light. To recover fully and to see if there’s new lessons to learn.


Slightly disagree, things like this are part of being human. For you to not react would have been spiritual bypassing in my opinion.

I didn’t react, I responded, and only after being able to.