Freedom Course Upcoming Update

This thread is dedicated to giving updates on upcoming additions to the course.

The addition is derived from frequently asked questions, exercises I’ve provided to bypass any sticking points, and additional exercises I’ve discovered along with the group I work with.


Upcoming update:

Multiple people have asked for a specific scenario of being able to recreate the same strong experience they received in the beginning and while it’s on the course on what to do, I’ll further give some perspective and extra things to do.

ETA - Post holiday season

I will announce it here once released and it will be uploaded on the course site.

Be well



Happy New Years guys!

Let’s begin the year really strong…

In answer to this, I had three options, I could go have taken care of the cases that were having trouble personally, made a video saying the same things about “just collapse even more” (which in the beginning was the only solution I had), or I could make it a bit more interesting…

Introducing the Save State Series

A small supplementary series of fields to help you bypass the current frequent situations.

The fields are:

The Focus - Solve the “can’t focus” and “can’t feel” situation
The Self - Give you a reference of the Self and help you break through the common situations
The Love - Give you the ability to create and recognize unconditional acceptance
I Light Love Fountain - Used for reference to be able to do the I - Love / I - Light - Love meditation

All fields are there to help you by you putting in your own effort and not so much doing everything for you because let’s be honest, we wouldn’t learn anything if someone does things for you. All fields are created in a manner of recording the states and processes that go into it and it will give you a direct lesson on how to do them. Imagine you were in a session with me and I walked you through the situations.

They have been tested with some of the people that had a really hard time with these situations in the Freedom Course Private Group. Very good results.

Anyhow to get started, just log on to the course membership and you should find it here:

Have fun!


PDF Added to the course. Download section of the course.

The Freedom Course Roadmap

A document you can use to know what you should be focusing on along with troubleshooting tips that you can repeat to get you through the hurdles.

So far after three weeks, everyone has broken through their situation and the tips in here are the things they have used. Nothing different but more like a didn’t perspective.

Be well


Upcoming Update:

Advance applications of the I Light and Love states and how to use them.

Goal Accomplishment application with those states as well.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Now that I moved to a place with a much better internet connection and I am many times more comfortable along with happy…

I ready for a lot of work :smiley:

I promised this but it was a bit early when I was going to do it, I took some time to explore but this is what will be upcoming and I am writing the structure for recording already.

Freedom Course v2

Modules to be included and updated:

  • Intro module of “Feeling your feelings”
    Focusing on the micro skill of having self awareness of feeling what is going on inside after two months of the course being launched I learned a lot more by giving the 1:1 session and chat troubleshooting to help people break through this situation in a step by step manner.

  • Update on all the current modules
    Especially the recognition of Self, through the sessions what was distracting people from getting the experience and it had nothing to do with needing help from another to get processed because the issues were presented even as I helped. I found that in following the process in a very algorithmic manner along with keep deep focus on the results that matter, everyone breaks through and on their own.

Further to this, me moving, was a results of me using the goal accomplishment module myself and we have seen the testimonials of people manifesting material and emotional results. I have some simpler ways of explaining all this.

There will be a few things at the end of this “re-launch” to offer that has been proven by Freedom Course Private group that might be of benefit.

For now, I’ll be on focus mode because I’m extremely excited to redo this by accumulating all the new experiences I did in the past months.

Be well guys


Freedom Course v2.0

Out on Friday

It ended up being 8 videos averaging 15 minutes. The series emulates what I would do in a 1:1 session with a few extra considerations being that it’s a recorded series.

The main difference is that this is a skill-building-focused series. After nearly three months, it has been very obvious that if a few things are mastered prior to getting to the core of the course, a session with me will never be needed.

Many were able to recognize the Self or “I” with the instructions available and the ones that couldn’t all had the same issue even the ones that have done prior techniques as well. The solution was fairly simple, just required a bit of attention to detail.

Now a little surprise…

The launch will include an extra field to further help you on your journey of emotional freedom and mental control

:wink: stay tuned!


Freedom Course V2.0 is out now.

8 Lessons focused on skill-building so that by the end you will have all the core experiences and understanding to be able to get the same results others have reported.

From manifesting their goals in days or weeks to understanding how to solve prolonged internal issues.

Something that the private group is raving about is the Energy Sensitivity and Emotional Awareness field, something created to help the process of the freedom course for those that have a bit less practice to understand what’s going on within them. It also includes a constant source of grounding for whenever you feel overwhelmed.


Now that the core FAQ or situations are addressed with Freedom Course v2 and I’ve had enough time to explore the practice and topic enough.

Next up is the deepening of the three higher states that we can explore with this course:

The “I” / Self. Another way that has been explained to me is that this is the spiritual counterpart that is the thinker but from an experience of the “thoughtless thinker”.

The “Light” is not to be taken as a set in a stone name for this, it’s just a label we use but overall this is the beginning of the Source aspects.

“Love”, at these states become pure unconditional acceptance or in other words “a spiritual embodiment”.

Regardless of how much I can write or talk about it, it really doesn’t matter because this is something that you should experience to recognize and understand.

The next update will be a talking format video without a PowerPoint. What will require from you to be able to use it fully is to go through Freedom Course v2, all the way to “Who’s The One Loving” and to explore the I Light Love Fountain field from the feeling space.