Got lucky!

I had to make a court appearance today that I didn’t want, which was a back up hearing so it might or might not have happened.
Two days ago I received an email confirming it, meaning I would need to go. It made me feel pretty upset and thinking negatively about it all.
Decided to buy the silent mind NFT, noticed the 95% discount available to the owners of a token at the bottom of the page. Bought the token, claimed the NFT, then learned that it’s actually like a lottery that doesn’t guarantee the token and therefore the discount; then learned I can buy 7 more NFTs with 95% off.
So now I’m a happy owner of the silent mind, the ascension-aut, the lion’s gate, the black sun, the emblem of change, astrologically inclined, the merry maker and negentropic jing. Paid like $80 USD for everything including the token.
I listened to the audio version of some of them a few times yesterday and today as well.
I was getting ready for the court today, it was less than two hours left, and just got an email saying “Your afternoon hearing has been cancelled”, which is literally word to word to how I’ve been imagining it to happen.
Thanks Sapien and the team, I’m over the moon!