Green glowing circle

sometimes I close my eyes,I see a green glowing circle, what happened to me?

:smirk: embrace it.

Its not a bad thing, its just the third eye doing tests lol and the veils around thinning so the colour and energy sptectrum is widening so you can see more of other realms etc

Play with it and be mindful, calm and focus and let yourself go with it, images and things will show up

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wow thx for the reply I’m so excited rn
able to see Angels and cute fairies is my dream


Ahhhh see? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: enjoy it.

Play Devic Intercession too hihi 🧚‍♀️😇

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imma loop Angelic Intercession + and Devic Intercession later :sunglasses:

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And Alien intercession and Dragon intercession too haha :woman_shrugging: might as well make it a whole astral party haha

Joking whatever resonates with you :)

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I’ve seen that. Mostly I see purple, but I’ve seen red and green. For me, the circles rescind to the background and replaced with a new one in the foreground and the process starts all over. Haven’t thought about those for awhile. I never had a theory as to what they were.

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