Height booster 2.0 results?

Has anyone gotten any results from listening to height booster 2.0? and can you please share?

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Yes, i did listen to it and to other fields (HGH, Endocrine System - the free one, Vitamin d, SLR, etc. - there are some Playlists of mine posted somewhere, I think I posted in the discussion for other channels too), somewhere in April I think and I grew almost 2 inches, while being 31 years old.

Since then, Idk, I have not seen improvements, possibly very little growth (like under half an inch, maybe), but nothing like that time; however, I didn’t listened as consistently or for as much as I did then (hours each day, just for height; Height Booster 2.0 I used to listen x4 times and for some reason I only listened while laying in bed, so that the legs could stretch properly).

Now, I’m not the guy to give up, EVER, so I will continue to listen to this field and others, and through perseverance I will gain a few more inches in height - since my father was quite tall, he was almost 6.3 at his peak/when he was young (I also got one sister, on my father’s side, she is a giant, more than 6.3 feet, while me and my brother didn’t got so lucky lol), according to him (well, he went through surgeries, cancer and he lost a little bit of height by the time he got older).

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thanks for sharing, btw do you know what date did sapien medicine start? it says it started on YouTube on feb 3 2011, but do you know when it was established?

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No idea.

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Don’t know if the person used sapien but I found this on a discord server

can you share me his discord?