Hello! Introducing myself 😁

Hello everyone!

I have been following Sapien on and off these past few years - I think I probably found him when I was around 14 or 15 and I am 21 now so quite a large time span!

When I was younger, I was pretty much really attracted to aliens, and the thought that some sort of magic or similar force could really exist in real life. I was - and have always been a big fantasy game fan. Regardless, a few weeks ago I kind of stumbled into Sapien again. I think what would happen is I would get frustrated when fields wouldn’t work even if I only listened to them for 2 or 3 days.

Well, I was diagnosed with AD(H)D last year and since receiving medication, I have been able to be much more consistent in my efforts in life, and have seen a massive improvement in all areas. I am well on track to graduating with my degree in Biochemistry this summer :grin:

You know - since I have went through my degree now, I understand a lot more about the Sapien fields because I actually learnt about the science that they are underpinned by. When I was a teen, I had absolutely no idea what irisin or leptin was (from the fat loss videos) and now I know a lot more and it is quite humbling really. I really appreciate the depth of detail that goes into making these fields.

From my point of view, Sapien/the Sapien team really do look up a lot in terms of scientific articles from peer-reviewed journals which shows and makes me quite comfortable with their work. I can’t say I necessarily understand much about morphic fields themselves (although I have read about them) and then the spiritual related fields… which I suppose shows that you’re never really finished learning.

Well, onto the point, sorry for rambling! I’ve been lurking in many different threads and posts these last few weeks :eyes: Reading a lot about stacks and creating my own based on advice or experience from other members.

I think I am definitely listening to too many fields, but I have also been experimenting with the cards and the St. Michael mandala and I don’t feel ‘tired’ as much lately - granted I get inspiration to change my playlist every day but I think I have settled into one now. I was thinking of asking for advice but just ended up reading more and more.

I started off with basically physical fields and I’ve kind of been interested in the spiritual fields more lately. In terms of results, I haven’t been that consistent with any particular fields but I have been having more vivid dreams (when I was younger I would have vivid dreams, and then it eventually stopped) and I feel a lot of warmth in my muscles when I listen to the automated workout videos, and I do feel like I have more energy after listening to plasma charged mitochondria and MOTS-c. Keep in mind that I am very aware of the placebo/nocebo effect and actively try not to expect anything mentally. (There are so many more fields now so it is quite difficult to make stacks!)

I also ordered the book of cards and it should be arriving soon, I’m excited to try out a servitor!

Nice to meet you all, thank you for making this forum & I’m looking forward to contributing a little bit more in the future :grin: I really apologise for making such a long post!


Hey xAstaraeao, I was a Biochem major as well though I never enjoyed the lab work and moved away from that field after graduation. Hope it’s treating you well. Welcome to the forum :blush:


Welcome to the forum, @xAstaraeao! Feel free to ask ask any questions regarding the fields if there’s something you cannot grasp. Hope you find the information you seek in the threads here.


Welcome @xAstaraeao.
You are truly blessed to have found Sapien’s work at such a young age. Congrats on all your reading and learning😀
Something to keep in mind - you’ll never have the perfect stack because just when you think you do, Sapien releases another amazing field(s) that makes you have to rethink everything haha. It’s such a blast though! Enjoy.


Welcome sir or madam biochemistry,

This is the place to be, the endgame so to speak. You’ll learn everything you need to know to become who you want to be, and beyond.



Thank you for all your responses! I do get quite anxious posting something and tend to think a lot about whether I should/shouldn’t. It makes me feel a lot better reading your responses :slight_smile:


Yes I definitely agree, while my degree isn’t major/minor and just biochemistry, it has been quite broad and there’s a lot of topics which I’ve really enjoyed and others that I haven’t so much. I do enjoy being in the lab and previously I wanted to go into the clinical side, with clinical trials or lab testing in hospitals. However, since I’ve progressed, I learnt that my favourite topics are those relating to medicine and I really enjoy them. I applied to study medicine (unsuccessfully) last year and I’ll be applying again this year since I feel as though I’m in a much better space mentally with my diagnosis and treatment. So in short, I really wanted to do something to help people or contribute to it, but found I want to help more directly. I have no idea what kind of specialism I’d go into though!


Thank you so much, I will definitely make sure to ask if I don’t understand something. I guess I prefer to read and make sure I’m not asking silly questions!


Although I found Sapien when I was a lot younger, it does bring to mind what my life would have been like if I was more consistent! But I’m happy where I am now and wouldn’t trade it for anything else :slight_smile: There are so many new fields now that it does make it more difficult, and I do understand there is no such thing as perfect at least realistically. One could listen to every field but be completely worn out and it would involve listening 24/7. I do think I am satisfied for the minute with my stacks though!


Thank you so much, it definitely is the place to be and I think moving forward, it’ll become a much bigger part in my life than in the past :blush:


Hi @xAstaraeao ! welcome among us :wink:.

Beautiful presentation!

I have this feeling and as you said you will bring an enriching contribution on the forum, very interesting :grin:.


Welcome @xAstaraeao, wonderful to have you here. And thanks for your very thoughtful introduction.


welcome friend and enjoy your time with us!

what i like about sapien medicine is that it opened up a new family for me to visit whenever i feel like!