I need answers! urgent help needed! Kundalini

I need someone experienced with kundalini awakening I have lots of questions right now…in a crisis mode

I suggest while u are waiting, to do a forum search using the term kundalini .

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Start with grounding if possible and then angelic intercession and ask for help. You’ll get through it.

You need to relax and get blissful, through any field that raises vibrations.
Listening to chakra fields, starting from upper chakras to lower chakras, and to Acu-automaton, is very useful, as it clears the way for kundalini to rise harmoniously.
Ask angels, deities nft-s and God for help and have no fear, they hear you from your first asking and will help and protect you.
Maintain your spine straight, comfortably, not bent.
If you don’t have the fields for chakras, you can do japa yoga (repeat the mantra silently, in your mind, or even aloud) with the chakra bija mantras: AUM /OM for Ajna chakra (brow), HAM for Vishuddha (throat), YAM for Anahata (heart chakra), RAM for Manipura, VAM for Swadisthana, LAM for Muladhara (root chakra).

I was just reading this right now:


I don’t know if it would be useful for you. Not advice. Kundalini is different for everyone. This is old material too.

I second using intercessions and asking for guidance. I wish you the best of luck and smoothest ride.

Also, the Internal Alchemical Crucible helps a LOT!