I need to disconnect from people?


i was in contact with somone …

then start to eat i was hungery

also i did this 3 hours (befor) and had huge shift in sacral chakra
R5 Redikall Statements For Self Love - YouTube

then while eating felt abnormal heart beat for once and like there a energy pull from my upper head and my heart felt empty … but relaxed

i never experince somthing like this …

i don’t know if this energy extraction … or its a twin flame connection …

all my exitment and happiness is gone

he soomth my energy

or steal it

or its the effect of more align sacral chakra

i feel like i don’t have self … :cold_sweat: :cry:

he can’t take myself but i don’t know i felt like i will die

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this world is not for me …

i need to be brave …

and death is the ultimate freedom

^ i now use black tourmaline from PU

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i waer armor tag i feel it repeal shadow energies

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In this scenarios it is always wise to use deep aura clearing, aura repair, then cord cutter, then sword of St. Michael, and then negative energy repel. Also Angelic Intercession and Justice for All.

You may want to do some salt cleanse or burnt sage, alchemical crucible, angelic vibrations or whatever you use to clear any and all possibly remaining negativity. And then use fields to clear and raise your environment’s vibration (use protected spaces for protection too) and specially your own.

You will probably be in a better state and be able to decide what you need then. If you’d need some entity banishing or exorcism or what have you.

Keep using the cards and mandalas as they work without needing to listen to anything.

And also you can use Sorcery Supreme - Sapien Medicine offers here, as you also don’t need to listen to anything.

So if you’re feeling bad and want something to work quickly, you can use them.

I’d start with Terraformer, Motor Zanon Drill and Archangel Cord Cutter and you’re probably good to go.

But you can add full reiki session and 2nd Pentacle of Mars for protection.

You can also summon Camuel with another field. And strengthen your energy body with orgone accumulator.

You don’t need that much. Just the basic clearings and protection and you will probably be in a calmer state and decide what you want from that state.

If you really want something fast acting (deep aura clearing will work though) just listen to Sword of St. Michael as he can do many things at once. Can clear negativity, cut cords and shield you. So listen and ask him for what you want or simply ask him for help.

Don’t let this happen again or excuse/justify it or what have you. If this was a sign of spiritual progress and a signpost in your journey, you’d know it.

Some emotional processes work like this too, but they are temporary, and no one needs to suffer forever. Even in the middle of big and traumatic changes, one can feel good and take a break with some feel good field.

By nature, our emotions tell us how we’re doing. Something isn’t working right if your happiness is suddenly gone. Don’t second guess this.

It’s the same signal as pain in the body.

Good luck.


Thanks very much :white_heart: :white_heart:

i will follow you advice and ignore him …

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yes, but not for unenlightened people, (that haven’t attained moksha, the final liberation), because, you see, after death, each soul goes, (because of the law of resonance), to those parts of the astral plane with which he resonates , so most people go to lower parts of the astral, or to intermediate parts, where frustration is still present.
They say one cannot run away from himself. If you are not yet perfectly blissful here, on Earth, unbothered by the “exterior”, then you’ll be in a similar state of mind after leaving this plane of existence. That is why some people choose to speed up the process of their evolution through spiritual practices that elevate and purify.
The best indicator of our spiritual level, and of how our after death journey will be, until our next reincarnation, is our night dreams. If they are not all blissful and full of light and contentment, if our night dreams are endless journeys without a purpose and contain frustration, then this is how it will be after our death, the same as here.
This life that we live now is an extraordinary gift, because in this life we have knowledge and these amazing tools to change our life and level of understanding and to evolve. Who knows how our next life will be if we fail to use the great things that we have now? What we don’t use may not appear in our next life.
We have a great chance now, and regardless of the sufference and frustration we have in the present, we really have these awesome tools to miraculously change a lot in our life and level.
Let’s not waste it


This is such an Enlightening/Enlightened Comment.

@whiterose Thank You for those beautiful words and @HEALING, please continue your Healing Journey and Rekindle Your Joy and Life Within. :pray:


thanks for your time & effort to advice me :pray: :pray: :pray: :white_heart: :white_heart: :white_heart:

@SoulStar33 thanks for your kinddness :white_heart: :pray:

the problem with my heart happened to me today not exactly the same but i can understand its about chakras not any vampirism , he didn’t do anything to me …