I would be grateful if you could answer a couple of questions for me

Hello good day everyone, I would like to know how many audios are recommended per day, I have made several playlists but the truth is I am afraid that hearing so many per day is reducing my results for each one…

The other thing, when I listen to a playlist, I try to listen to each one three times and go to the next three times… is that correct?

I would appreciate your guidance friends, thank you very much.

Welcome to the Forum!

A few of your questions (as well as others) have been answered in Sammy’s excellent Official Sapienmed FAQ (Updated). I’m going to be brief here and recommend that you check out that valuable resource.
Also, we have a few threads which will help you get the most out of your fields:

And I’m sure you’ve already found our forum search engine. It’s super handy!

The only real guideline is that you don’t want to listen to more than 4 audios that are working to produce lasting physical changes. (An explanation of why that’s the guideline can be found in the FAQ.)

Beyond that, the honest and real answer is “however many you can comfortably listen to whilst getting the experience you want from your audios.” It’s that vague because everyone is different. Some people have more limits, others are more energy sensitve, still others are working on issues from a number of different angles with different tools.

That’s a valid concern. It really depends on what fields you’re listening to. If I’m listening to 70 fields for–say–50 different issues, it’s likely that I’d be creeping forward, making headway that might not be so discernible by me. If I’m listening to 20 different audios all related to abundance and fortune, I’m going to have a different experience, you see?

That’s a good approach but you might need to listen to your field 3 times. Check out the FAQ and the other linked threads for more information about how to decide how many times to play each field.