Invitation to The New Social Network [Free Speech] + [Encoded With Love Energy]

Hello everyone! I am inviting you to my new social network that is mostly dedicated to spiritual people, free speech and connection: People are already moving there from Facebook, MeWe, etc. and creating a beautiful community!

It has all the features that you need both for you and for your business:

  • profiles, add friends
  • groups, pages, events
  • real-time notifications, comments, shares
  • fully equipped real-time messenger system
  • free video/audio calls in the chat
  • free live video streaming in the newsfeed
  • photo/video stories
  • post/find jobs
  • post fundings
  • market & products
  • upload images/video up to 1GB/file.
  • upload audios, files, voice recordings,
  • and many other useful features…

The main unique feature of this platform is that it uses a unique and innovative energy encoding process to make the actual website emit palpable love energy to its users. This makes Connectiver not only a social network platform but also an energy healing tool at the same time.

Free speech is welcomed and respected 100%. Now we have our own sweet, safe and conscious community! no need to put up anymore with censorship, fact-checkers, fear & anxiety energies, and other unethical practices from the authoritarian social platforms (Fb. and others)…

Here’s a video in which you can see how much people love the platform and its love energy: What people say about Connectiver Social Network - YouTube.

Go to and make your account. Remember to share the link everywhere and get all your friends on it :smiley:

I’ll see you there! Let’s make a beautiful and magical community there!

PS.: Connectiver is a replacement for social networks like Facebook, not for this forum.