Is it possible

Am I crazy or can u get results for a field that u are going to buy? I know it might be possible for project NFTs because multiple people have reported that, but anyone experience the same for just regular fields?


Maybe :man_shrugging:

I’m rather particular about time terms, so I don’t endorse or use talk about multiverses or parallel universes.

To me, the sense of time and timing comes from the energy body. One big dynamic of that is the big toroidal field that shapes a person’s aura. There are elements in that which can seem to reach forward and backward in time. Mechanisms related to that are probably involved in getting the DeJaVu nft to work. I recall connecting to dynamics like that when I was in middle school getting a sense of where people would be and when I would see them in hallways.

I’ve had a similar sense of things where I am apparently sensing qualities in energy before they show up for other people or places.

So there can definitely be a bunch of dynamics in the energy that will appear to be time-bending. But there is still a coherent energy pattern that supports it and organically integrates it with the body.

I think I’ve had the experience with NFTs, but I don’t know if I have with non-nfts. But there has been a sense of things that some of the seeds/traces/entelechies of different patterns that define different fields have been in my life before the products have been created. So I think the experience is definitely possible.


Let me share my crazy experience too, as you mentioned I felt the effects of a nft field while it was being made, this is really significant, expect Captain, maybe Sammy too, no one else knows when he is working on a project submitted to him.

Just as I sensed and felt, the nft was released quite immediately. I sometimes do feel the effect of a public field I am eyeing maybe it is due to me reading the description like placebo or the field giving me a taste, not sure tbh.


yes it is possible, it happens to me

I think it could be you connecting to your future self that already owns the NFT and experiencing the benefits in this current present. I know we experience time as linear on this plane, but it actually isn’t, so I’m not too surprised that some members here had this experience. Just my personal thoughts on this.
Super cool!!


Such a cool perspective, it makes sense.

I even noticed that sometimes you can tell something that is going going happen to you irl and feel the effect of it now as if it already happened.
Like how a meeting is going to go, or a foreshadow of a situation that’s going going happen in a few hours.

So… why not?

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