Kinetic Quasi Crystal

Ok second review:

Two things:

The temperature drop.

I felt by around 2pm the cooling effect had lowered around a 60%, but i was still not suffering compared to my coworker (today particularly we were together up and down most of the day) he was extremely hot and sweating i could tell plus he was saying it, while i was ok, just starting to feel getting hot, so i played it only once and put the phone in my back pocket. And then it happened again.

So in my experience this definitely and proved drops my temperature, and its my body’s temperature not the ambience because everybody else was hot lol

So heat might not be thought of one of the first dangers to try to fix form the environment per se…

But after today i can definitely agree with the field lol that the heat is a real bothersome for me, it can damage my skin, it dries up my hair, it can trigger headache, skin rash, and annoys me here and there.

In fact i remember when i was living in Jamaica, summer could get awfully hot, and i had this judge friend that told me in those months the crime, violence and car accidents increase dramatically every year and the reason was the heath and it can also dehydrate you and even kill you by a heat stroke.

Im actually going to play it before bed and turn off the ac and see how and if i can sleep through the night (i normally100% need to feel my face freezing to be able to fall asleep lol ) so this would be a big test

And second:

Oh My…

I suspected this to happen, but didnt say it until i confirmed it.

I played this in the morning x 2 and then at 2pm x 1

All the other fields held tight and big stronger than normally all throughout the day!! :handshake::relieved:

So… hear Me out…

I feel then like i would be able to cut the x times playing each field, because what i felt today is as if the energy of the other fields stays round and round back and back in a constant loop in and out of Me…

Which is why i understand the perfection from Captain by choosing a “quasy” crystal instead of a fully crystal one because is in the spaces that constantly fluctuate shrink and expand that all the :

“M state, Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, Indium and Platinum” … infuse My body
:tipping_hand_woman:t2: :handshake::heart_eyes:

And just like the energies from other fields I play plus the Mstate elements would keep the loop
Just as the description says :

“Providing you with a unique insulation”

Meaning, this field turns me into an insulated cup that holds the energies poured inside :smirk:

Of course. My perception and conclusions.

Im eager to read others experiences, because i am sure there will be many different ones :hugs::cowboy_hat_face:


Wow so far this sounds crazy relevant because

  1. never enough protection
  2. aww yih prolong me dem fieldz effectz
  3. I literally have no AC where I live
  4. all that plus more presumed and implied benefits = I’m loving me some more affordable highly useful stuff <3

To complete the previous comment, on the other side of the spectrum, I made the mistake to play it not long before bed yesterday.

→ Unbelievable peace, but… took me two hours to fall asleep.
→ Then super intense dreams, up to experiencing physical pain in it.
→ Woke up this morning crazy ungrounded and anxious af.

AM & PM it is.
Deep Transformation it is.
No evening & night it is :grin:

Back to Peace now :dove:


Definitely suggesting to play this early in the morning before other fields

Super confirmed it holds within and around you the energies of the other fields so their effects last loooong

Still i feel like once or twice in the morning and once afternoon is enough to last

But i also strongly believe it rapidly grows in you so we wouldnt need more than once early in the morning

And then as i said yesterday cut the loops of the other fields

Imagine the effect of the energy of the crystallization audio from the energy course 24/7 with you while growing and turning you into its home.


But then it has extras :yum:

Really really grateful for this field.

And that price… and with promotion code until Sunday i think?

If you want to gift yourself one thing.

This should be it.

Later guys… heading to work in this hot weather feeling fresh like an iceberg lettuce with a personal ac lol :sunglasses::relieved:


Hi Luna!
Where it’s possible to look a promo code for this digital product ?
My respects :)


Ive been trying to find words to describe what ive been feeling since i got this field. And it always sounds so short to express what i want.

I… like majority of you have my well organized stacks, with schedules, even alarm sometimes etc

The past 3 days i have played them sooooo randomly and up to today morning i was wondering why :thinking: like id be looking at a stack and say… nah, this one first… now this one but looping it… then nah this one maybe later etc etc, like totally randomly.

One thing for sure is that im able to play once max twice a field and thats about it i dont need more.

Also i realized that just a couple times a day (one morning one afternoon of this field is well good enough)

So i didnt know why i was doing it like that until this morning :smirk: then i was like ohhh? Ok lets run a test today so i did. (This Kinetic field im sorry about all the others that i also love :persevere::exploding_head::exploding_head::face_with_hand_over_mouth: but this one tops in matter of intelligence or how it rapidly works for you with you with what you need) my perception/experience of course lol

This field here is the reason why im no longer playing stacks. But more like choose at random.

And the test today? I simply focused my intention asking the vibration of the field integrated in my aura from all the days playing it … to guide me/choose for me what field should i play when at what time what next etc.

And today all day has been that, literally opening all my folder and going through the list and then ok this one next, or even just thinking… ok time to change to this while this on the other phone etc.

Guys the HARMONY, synergy, balance played out soooo cool, today has been a fantastic dance with the fields, didnt matter what matches with what naaaauhh. But they were being choosen as the day pass according to what i or my day or my environment or my surroundings needed!!!

I really hope im making myself understood… because this at least to me, its a big big leap to work with fields because:

Its like having an assistant at your full disposition 24/7 that be telling you what you need next to enhance your day or the things you need.

One listen of whatever i choose and baaam! Full effect.

Then it stays longer lingering in my aura and eventually i do not feel them fading away but sinking deeper to stay. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Seriously mind blown today.

Little disclaimer here just in case:

Ive worked or simply full of them around with crystals, stones, mineral for yearssss , and also activated a lot too the crystallization audio from the energy course on me, and been charging the water i drink all day as well with it, for months almost a year so the crystals etc energies i have them quite integrated in me, so maybe thats why this has been such a big easy boost for me.

However even if you have never hold a simple rock in your hand, this will just work for you as well, just maybe will take a little longer or would need more integration work (tho pfff crystals quasi o not are extremely intelligent so they pick up fast and deliver fast)


I’ve always been this way. Even when I make stacks I end up using what I’m called to at the moment. I eliminate, add, change orders, etc.(I’ve always been annoyed that I do this LOL). I literally completely forgot about this field the past couple days but now I’m going to use it and see if it guides me even better than usual.

I’m glad you’re having success with this field. I’m def sold on using it daily now. Hope I’m able to minimize the amount of uses per field as well!


That yes, its good i tend to stick to stacks for a while to see them fully working but i go adjusting a bit as i see it fit.

But this way randomly has been totally a new thing for me.

:point_up_2:t3: Which is why i made my first comment on your reply because my friend ive read this from you here and there about forgetting using fields or jumping from one thing to next etc and that is not that good either if you want to see steady growing results. But now i feel it easy to do it like that with this Kinetic field, so i guess its gonna perfectly work for you as well!

Oh and yeah def helps minimizing stacks


I mean I’m happy with my results. I still get them but maybe they can even be better. Before you replied I edited my response saying how annoyed I am that I do this. Lol. It’s so hard. The last two days I’ve been wayyyy more structured than usual. I stuck with my stacks. Didn’t take anything out. Just added one or two fields. Progress not perfection. I’ll get there.


Yeah let’s see. I’m going to try both ways. For a few days I’ll be random while using this field and then be structured with it for a little. Keep us updated on how it continues to work for you.


Wow, thanks for that Luna :pray:

That’s my experience for the last days as well.
Been feeling for many that I was wasting my time to go for 2-3 listen while the daily dose felt integrated after one listen. This makes sense now :))

Another new thing is the direction indeed.
I mediate & pray on Shatachandi every day, and for the last few days it feels like “2min is enough, go meditate on Kubera and come back later”.

And thanks for the testimonial, lot of things clicking :slight_smile:


Did anyone try the Crystallization attunement from the course followed by this field? :slight_smile:


Will do. That would be so powerful. Especially for manifestation.


Would the crystallisation & quasi crystal make healing powerful too?
I thought we were supposed to use the attunements only once?


He is refering to the energys : “START CRYSTAALIZATION NOW” :speaking_head: :gem:


Oh OK. I thought to listen to the attunement audio again!
Thank you for the clarification

Though not always needed, periodic reinforcement of the attunement audio does not hurt at all - unless one is spamming these audios every day.


I bought it because of the experimenter’s spirit. When I listened again, there was an inductance at the end of my finger, which made me feel electric shocks everywhere in my body.:blush:


So not only this field has totally changed the order of what i play, and the amount of times per field.

But i absolutely cannot play the big fields (Smart or legendary or the strong reversing ones etc) combined with others anymore

This field is (for me) or has become the (hmm im trying to find the right name) …

Control tower?
Head quarters?
The Brain? (But no, it does not feel like a brain, im using it as to compare to the main center where all other parts branch out from)

Like it holds all the other fields while they do their job.

The electric port where the others are connected to keep giving.

So thats why theres no need for more than 1 or 2 loops to push the x field further because they are constantly empowered and charging.

And thats why i was feeling the need to play the fields at random even if no exact correlation between them.

I could play in mini stacks the regular fields

But time apart the big ones.

I think i need to do a drawing of how this is working for me because i cant put it in words lol

Something like this

So kinetic holds and empowers all

Then the big ones empower the mini stacks
Without the need to be played before any one