Letting Go

Of all the things that have improved my understanding of how much I don’t have to buy into this reality, I think Letting Go has been one of the most helpful. The process has opened my heart and allowed the illusion to dissolve.

I have used both the Sedona Method and Ho’oponopono.

Both of these are beautiful ways of realizing that this is all a dream that ebbs and flows and finally fades.

Neville Goddard has also been a priceless part of my journey. The nuances of his offerings are truly amazing. The imagination as true beingness is an endless topic of contemplation.

Who Am I?



Trickiest of all for me to deal with is identity and beliefs. Who is it that believes the thought that just came up in my mind? And who is that?

Almost seamless, the me that thinks these things. And am I still that? And am I really going to invest in that? What harvest does that investment bring?
and these thoughts let me know where I live, what I have dreamed was real. And that gives me an opportunity to release it, to see that it was in no way real.

What am I to thee?
Past, present, future
What are these things?
Bereft? No
Open? Yes
Can I be a me?
For a moment, for a fleeting moment
Where do I live?
Only here, only there
and just for a brief splash in time
If I catch it, it is gone
If I hold onto it
It cements the belief that it was real
Who can pierce this veil of maya?
The place where the power lies
It is


Without blame
River, ocean


To everyone who reads this and who doesn’t. I love you.


Born under the double water sign -
empathic way too early
not fun feeling the adults lie
at three years old
especially when they were my only peers lol

why not - I was just as intelligent, and they were the intellectuals, so I set out to prove that I was their peer. I became serious so they would take me seriously.

found a book by Rudolf Steiner in my father’s library at two years old (yes, I could read).
It had an exercise about sensing the energetics in a rock.
I preferred the rock to the adults.

I think I will take all the shielding fields and send them back to me then
Ha! Leveling the playing field!


When angels breathe
an anthem to the highest
Let them carry your heart and lighten it
Let the burdens fall away
Let the joy of weightlessness
bear you to the throne of grace
to the very center of your three-in-one
your heart chakra
blessed grace
clouds of sweet incense
billowing your prayers and desires aloft
as they swirl,
remember heaven
is within
purple angel


May the Light and Love of the Goddess bless us all.
Her fierce love is a deterrent to negativity
and a buoy that lifts and shines
to dispel all seeming darkness

A sphere of blazing diamond shining Light
The Inner Smile that radiates
to reveal the Sun behind the dark cloud

The gift of the grace of the Goddess
is a joyous blessing
I AM grateful
for her love



Challenge at every level

I realize that I have stopped pushing myself. Didn’t know what I wanted. I had desires but they were nothing but cravings.

Neville Goddard had cravings also, but his craving was for a true experience of God. The vehicle to that experience was through the imagination.

We are imagining all the time, and what we sow in imagination, we reap in 3D. What I am seeing now is that it takes an engine, a powerful engine to run that imagination, to fuel it - a kindling for the fire.

Would you were either hot or cold . . . You can’t make tea with lukewarm water.

Kindling, fuel, a fire

I spent a long period of time in a church that used the power of the spoken word to clean, clear and create. It was the calling down of fire into the 3D vehicle of the body and aura. It changed things. It transmuted the water of the emotions into the wine of the spirit. It worked against the ennui of the world and scrubbed the dirt off to reveal more and more of the truth. It challenged the old man to reveal the new man.

I see now how much of being empathic for me was just the opposite of the challenge. The illusion of so much going on. Just like the world.

The pieces of puzzle have never truly been separate. It’s only a puzzle when there is the illusion present that this life is a struggle, that it is a mystery because there appears to be an unknown.

This is the call to arms. This is the piercing of the clouds to reveal the goal that has been there all along. The intrinsic goal. I had let go of the sight of the sun. I suppose that happens each time we reach a status quo and the new level beckons. The angel numbers, the synchronicities leading us to take the next step. So we give ourselves a challenge. I want that so badly that I would do anything to reach it kind of challenge. For some it is health, for some it is wealth. For sure it is all an illusion in that it gives us a challenge that maybe we refused to take when the whisper came to us on the wind. When there is no challenge, do we try to excel? Do we grasp the challenge willingly to take the next step because we want to know the truth, to see the truth?

I challenge myself today because I want to know the truth, because I want to experience the truth. I want to bathe in the realization that I am it already. This is my opportunity to explore more of what I am. And I have spiritual back up. The voices are calling that the illusion of alone is the truth of all one.

I accept the challenge.


To my friend, who is myself

Life is a breath of fresh air, embued with the smell of roses
A gift of love
A gift of opportunity

It has always been thus
a chance to wrest all from time
to squeeze the stem in the hand
though the thorn pierce

To try
to win
to Beth-3755928654


What’s it all about?
Too much fighting a way out of the paper bag of illusion
Avoidance of what seems uncomfortable
The current identity seems like a safe place to venture out from
but in doing so, I risk making the mistake of letting limitation appear real

I have been this person for so long
it seems so familiar
like home
like family

thinking of family
makes it sounds like that’s more than one . . .
is there?
more than one?


The box I kick and peer through the holes
like it was real

Can I see beyond?

If I acknowledge that there is a beyond
I can be there,
and then it will be
here and now


I am angry
at me
and who is that?

It’s only because I catch a glimpse of something else
just a fleeting glimpse

Who told me it was true?
Who painted over my awareness
with the tar of ennui

eyes open
I open


Ascension in progress…


I was just about to respond to a girl’s post about her family belittling her, only to realize that it was over a year old. Suddenly I had felt open to share with her. I suppose the message is apropos regardless. Maybe the message is to me, and to all the mes out there (meaning yous, lol).

I am working with the lesson of giving to myself everything that I want from life. At first it feels like I don’t know how, but I choose to overlook that bit. :slight_smile:

If I cry
does it mean I believe this 3D is real?
If I get tired of letting go just one more time,
does it mean I don’t know how to love?
Perhaps so.
But I can never give up
I can never not open up to the next opportunity.
Isn’t it interesting that the very thing that
overwhelms an empath
is the very thing that is needed
to succeed?
But this time, it’s different.
It requires more.
And because it does,
there is everything to be gained.

It’s night
It’s raining.
The tears are streaming.
Or is it the rain?

The thunder is pealing.
The rage is boiling.
Or is it merely the memory of yesterday?

I look out the window
and see a split in the sky
and if I wait
and if I wait
I shall see the sun
streaming towards my heart
to lift it
to warm it
to open it again
to giving
to myself


Open the doors
let go
flying out
do not let them return
pools of rain
pools of rain

We watch
what is it?
there is no way to know
clouds only
clouds only

They will not let go
but if they did
what would fall?
what would fall?

I open
I close
I know
I don’t

If they did

it was there all the time
I did not see it
but now I do


The thing that I am letting go
is the very thing I am perceiving through

The gift, the giver, the receiver, the awareness -
not holding on to it
or identifying with it
not expecting it to show me
anything I have not opened to perceive

Each new day
can I embrace light
as light?


Thank you
for things I think inside my head
an alternate reality
is just as real
I do not have to filter it out
I can allow it
and appreciate it
and accept it
without ever having it
to make sense
And accepting that
it is mine alone
and cannot be shared
although I would like to try

I open my heart
and allow it to strengthen

It is just another facet
of the light


What is healing
but the state of being

Neville emphasized feeling.
What does it feel like to be what you already are?
To realize that you are so many things that you don’t realize
in the moment.

What does a cosmic being have access to in consciousness
that I would like to experience?
Do I perceive that it will make me more?
Isn’t that just a realization of lack in some form?
Maybe that is where is starts.
What do you want?
I have a feeling that that question was only hard to me
because I could not relate to it.
Now pondering the reformation of it.
And facing the fear that somewhere, somehow
I had the belief that having it, being it
was not allowed


Wanting - and the cleanup procedure

Was listening to a Sedona Method clearance audio and it reminded me of the three categories that are helpful when contemplating letting go.

  1. wanting love/approval
  2. wanting control
  3. wanting safety/security

Have I been wanting this person’s (including my own) approval?
If so, could I let go of wanting this person’s approval?

Have I been trying to control this person?
If so, could I let go of wanting to control them?
Has this person been trying to control me (or does it appear that way)?
If so, could I let go of wanting to be controlled?

Have I been wanting to feel safe or secure with this person, or in this place, etc.?
Could I let go of wanting to feel safe or secure?

When I ask myself these questions I can sense where energy has been stuck in trying to perpetuate sameness.

The key is “wanting”. We already have all the love, approval, safety and security of a boundless open giving universe. How much we allow ourselves to experience is a function of what beliefs we can let go of that do not serve us.


Your inner beauty is so pure, so immense… Love pours through your heart. If i was to meet you, i would love to just sit near you… in silence… :white_heart:


I am just another you. If that is what you receive from this, its source is your own inner beauty.