Li-Ion King

This NFT provides the ability to charge and regeneration the cell of smart devices: smartphone, smartwatch.

(I) Chemistry

  1. Forcing the movement of lithium ions from the cathode to the anode:

C6 + LiCoO2 → LiC6 + CoO2

  • forcing the movement of electrons from the anode to the cathode

  • 1a Reduction at the cathode
    Fusion of cobalt oxide with lithium ions to produce lithium-cobalt oxide (LiCoO2):

CoO2 + Li+ + e- → LiCoO2

  • 1b Oxidation at the anode
    Formation of graphite (C6) and lithium ions from a graphite intercalation compound (LiC6):

LiC6 → C6 + Li+ + e-

  • 1c Protection from solid–electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer growth by removal:
    - lithium fluoride (LiF)
    - lithium carbonate (Li2CO3)
    - lithium methyl carbonate (LiOCO2CH3)
    - lithium ethylene dicarbonate (LiOCO2CH2)2
    - lithium oxide (Li2O)

(II) Maintenance part 1

  1. Protection from impedance change caused by:
  • ohmic resistance increase by current collector corrosion

  • faradaic rate degradation by separator pore blockage

  • drying of pores and local areas within both electrodes by increased concentration of lithium salt

  • loss of electrolyte (LE) by:
    - high voltages
    - high temperature
    - lithium plating
    - reaction with moisture contamination

  • 2a Protection from loss of active material (LAM)

  • 2b Protection from loss of lithium inventory (LLI)

  • 2c Protection from stoichiometric drift

(III) Maintenance part 2

  1. Protection from positive electrode (PE) degradation by preventing the reaction:

LixMO2 (layered) → LixM3O4 (spinel) → LixMO (rock salt)

  • 3a Protection from binder decomposition
  • 3b Protection from electrode-current collector delamination
  • 3c Protection from electrolyte evaporation

Mandala design:

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Comments very damn welcome. If there’s any interest, we’ll see very quickly if it works.

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Can you outline how this can be useful in day-to-day life, incase we can’t comprehend the life lesson embedded in the mentioned chemical reaction :pray:


Perhaps everyone’s lifestyle is different. It’s just a charger without a charger :upside_down_face:


I would be happy to add, for example, a laptop or even a Tesla car to the list, but I have a feeling something the Captain wouldn’t agree to that :wink:

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$250 charger ftw

and mostly likely no quick charge

heck my phone has slow wireless charge function to charge other devices

It is not necessary.

There are many USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) charging specifications: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and so on, which means they are imperfect to say the least. The first of these was created in July 2012.

When a phone is connected to a charger, the flowing current seeks to establish the ideal battery chemistry. It repairs what has been “broken” while using the battery.

Phones in the gigantic majority have a lithium-ion battery. They differ only in the installed “brain” with the knowledge of how to select the voltage and current to achieve such a state as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is due to the fact of the scientific knowledge of the time.

Here will be the perfect morphic field establishing such a state. The charging specification will be perfect and all charger manufacturers in the world are striving for such convergence. This field is capable of charging an old Nokia in such a way that it will behave like a state-of-the-art battery from the future.

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Not interested to get a copy but this will be an interesting test for captain’s fields… if it works on electronics theoretically it means that fields should not not work for people on the basis of emotional blockages or other reasons commonly cited.


Interesting purpose for a field. Like how the chemistry/physics is thought out too. Image is kind of that fun/ridiculous level.

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My apologies how un- vote my self ?