Malabsorption question

hey there, any fields you know help heal all parts of the body for vitamin malabsorption?

they say your pee should not be yellow if it is you are losing nutrients, any knowledge there? lol

and anyone know if plasma flaunt will heal this issue too?

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There is a field for that

Enhanced nutrients absorption
You can add a few loops of Vitam D
And one to clean the colon before


Vitamin C or superhuman mutant.

Give this a try:

Or read a bit about that gene mutation (in humans) and see if advice and guidelines they follow doesn’t help you.

Unless you’re very young, give a try to antioxidant fields and rejuvenating ones.


Autoimmune field could help.

Iron gullet works great for calming down my digestive system so it works better.

Too much vitamin c can make things pass too quickly through you, so be careful with that.

Chew your food really, really well. Look into fermented foods and probiotics, digestive enzymes, too.